Wednesday, October 17, 2007

And I Regress

Death #6 welcomed into my world on Monday. My dad's long time companion, Nora, passed away in a hospital in California. She was in her late seventies and was this time battling pneumonia. I say this time because this is a woman who had battled cancer numerous times and beat it each time. She had a type of shitty ass cancer that would go into remission and then reappear several years later.

When I was 12 years old, she became my doubles partner even though there was about 40 + years between us. Obviously, we weren't playing in the juniors, but local tennis tournaments around our area in Havasu. We were a tough team and I have many trophies to show we kicked ass.

She had become a mainstay in our family many years ago. She would be at our holiday activities, reunions, grandkid's activties, and everything in between. And she was still very active with golf, traveling, and enjoying life.

She will be greatly missed in our lives.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Movin' On Over

Howdy to the few that drop by to say hello and see if I am still kicking. I am definitely still kicking and sometimes screaming as well, but as I have said a few posts down, I attempt to progress. And so I guess in a sense I am progressing...
Sometime, when the government decides to tell me when, I will be moving back to California. The move is unfortunate and fortunate all in the same sentence. It is unfortunate because I leave behind my boyfriend and my dog. She knows something is brewing as I am stacking boxes after boxes in the spare bedroom. She refuses to leave my side and jumps into bed as much as she can. It is unfortunate that one agency can't pull their heads out of their ass and offer me a job even though they have two that were available. But that is the government for you. It is unfortunate because my rent is going to be out of this world. It is fortunate because I will be working at a place where upper management actually supports you and is willing to work with you in every aspect. It is fortunate because this may lead into a permanent job (no guarantees). I just haven't figured out which out weighs the other.
So sometime soon, I will pack up the u-haul, stop at IKEA to purchase some more furniture and head west again. I will keep you posted. May be some new adventures will come of this...