Monday, March 19, 2007

For the Time Being

Starting April 1, yep no joke, I am going back to work. With school bearing its weight upon me and with the season already in full swing, I feel I won't have time to write or read. And I am sorry for that. Mostly for the reading part.

Plus, I just don't feel loved with only 5 or so comments each post. Sure I am sure others read and don't post a comment, but nonetheless I don't feel Blog Loved.

I will try to pop in when I can. When I need a good laugh. But until then, I can't guarantee anything.

And yes, when I have a really good story of something stupid a Touron did, I will drop by my site and add the verbage.

Until then, wake to the sun each morning, smile in the mirror, tell yourself you look damn good, and walk on.