Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Two Women

Have you ever seen this?

I have about a zillion times. I have looked at it about zillion times. And for the life of me I have never been able to see the two different woman-one young and one old.

The first place I saw this was at my Iowa Grandma's house. I want to say it was in the basement, but I can't remember. May be a relative can verify. And did it make it over to the Overlooking the River House?

I had started visiting Grandma's house on my own probably between the ages of 8 or 9 or may be later, but I am pretty sure I was flying back there when I was a little shit. And I continued to visit well into my college years.

And for all those years, I only saw the younger woman. I could never for the life of me see the older woman. I think I might have told people I saw two because that would make me cool. But for 33 - years I have never seen the second woman.

I have succeeded today. I have finally seen it. Of course, it had to be shown to me in two different photos, but I can easily see the two now. I called my sister and asked if it was in Iowa Grandma's house. I told her I had finally seen it. And she had to rub it in that she has always seen it.

So it has only taken me 33 - years to see it. Oh well. At least I can see the two.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Airport Adventure

I am currently sitting in the SLC airport. I took a shuttle bus up here from my home and arrived 3 hours early. So like any good alcoholic, I went straight to the bar to have lunch and start my drinking. I also have coupons on for my flight and so by the time I land in Chicago, I will be tanked. Won't I be a joy tonight. But save the day as the world has WIFI for a price.

So I sit in Dick Clark's listening to the tunes, watching football, and enjoying my new addiction of My Space. But I was thinking and may be in some airport there is one...why isn't there a movie theater in this airport. Instead of drinking away my day, I could be watching some sappy love story or violence enriched killings or some humor based stupidity. But instead I am watching Texas A&M and Texas battle their strength and Poker.

But at least I have my blog community and my friends at My Space. Hey, if you are in the airport, I'm sitting at the bar in a yellow shirt flanked by two unknown men---one drinking a martini and one drinking a Sam Adams. Stop by and say hello.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Photo End

Well my season at the Pillars has come to an end on Thanksgiving. Click the title to check out the last photos.

Everyone have a great Thanksgiving!!!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Serious Ass Pucker Moment

On Saturday, which was my Friday, I was leaving the area in my personal vehicle when a blue sports vehicle approached me traveling at a high rate of speed. I used my hand and attempted to get him to slow down. And he did brake, but then accelerated again. I called my partner and informed her about the vehicle. I continued on toward my home with my music cranking.

In about 10 minutes, I heard my call number and answered the radio. She was requesting my assistance back at the park because she couldn't get the vehicle stopped. She said she was doing 70 mph. Now, we don't drive pursuit vehicles, we drive 4wd pickups because normally we are pulling people out of the mud. And the speed limit in the area is anywhere from 15-45 mph. I radioed I was returning. I had my badge and radio. Nothing else, but my vehicle.

I saw them coming and put my vehicle in my lane. I also used an innocent passerby to semi-block the other lane. The blue vehicle came around the corner and was heading in my direction. I was standing in the road holding up my badge and telling him to stop. I saw the look in his eyes as I am sure he saw the fear in my eyes as I felt I was about to get run over by this asshole. I was able to jump out of the way as he drove unto the shoulder on the passenger side of my vehicle. And he disappeared. We never saw him again on the road. I was hoping he would hit a cow or deer like so many innocent people do. We had already called for our backup which consists of about every law enforcement officer in the area.

I heard the radio crackle with "I got him doing 105 mph." The UHP's voice just went up a few octaves. The UHP had taken up pursuit and was requesting spikes and a small town down the road to be shutdown. The speeds of the pursuit reached 120 mph. Come to find out later that the vehicle had nitro in the trunk and would go from 100 to 120 in a second.

The driver missed the first spikes. And I guess the second ones tipped upside down, but he decided it would be best to stop at this point. When we arrived on scene, there was the Forest Service, Fish and Wildlife, Sheriff, and UHP and then us, Park Service. Like I said we all come to help each other. When I walked up to the vehicle, there was a syringe and crack pipe sitting on the trunk. Looking at those made me realize that he had ZERO concern for the life of anyone else including himself.

I looked in the front seat....besides the riff raff in the vehicle, there was the HOLY BIBLE on the passenger seat. Was he reading that while he was driving like a fricking idiot putting everyone's life in jeopardy? Was that BOOK supposed to make me think he was a good soul? That even though he attempted to run me down, I should forgive him because he is reading the BIBLE? Actually, seeing that BOOK made me more and more pissed off.

Dispatch came back with more wonderful news---he was wanted in California for drugs, armed and dangerous. Oh yea, the bitchen souped up vehicle he was driving was also stolen. But hey, all is well he had a HOLY BIBLE on his front seat.

I shook hands with the UHP officer who was able to keep up with the 120 mph speeds and thanked everyone and the Dispatch for their help. I was dropped back off at my vehicle and reflected about life on my drive home. Which I have decided without the BOOK, I am doing just fine.