Friday, November 24, 2006

Airport Adventure

I am currently sitting in the SLC airport. I took a shuttle bus up here from my home and arrived 3 hours early. So like any good alcoholic, I went straight to the bar to have lunch and start my drinking. I also have coupons on for my flight and so by the time I land in Chicago, I will be tanked. Won't I be a joy tonight. But save the day as the world has WIFI for a price.

So I sit in Dick Clark's listening to the tunes, watching football, and enjoying my new addiction of My Space. But I was thinking and may be in some airport there is one...why isn't there a movie theater in this airport. Instead of drinking away my day, I could be watching some sappy love story or violence enriched killings or some humor based stupidity. But instead I am watching Texas A&M and Texas battle their strength and Poker.

But at least I have my blog community and my friends at My Space. Hey, if you are in the airport, I'm sitting at the bar in a yellow shirt flanked by two unknown men---one drinking a martini and one drinking a Sam Adams. Stop by and say hello.

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