Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Two Women

Have you ever seen this?

I have about a zillion times. I have looked at it about zillion times. And for the life of me I have never been able to see the two different woman-one young and one old.

The first place I saw this was at my Iowa Grandma's house. I want to say it was in the basement, but I can't remember. May be a relative can verify. And did it make it over to the Overlooking the River House?

I had started visiting Grandma's house on my own probably between the ages of 8 or 9 or may be later, but I am pretty sure I was flying back there when I was a little shit. And I continued to visit well into my college years.

And for all those years, I only saw the younger woman. I could never for the life of me see the older woman. I think I might have told people I saw two because that would make me cool. But for 33 - years I have never seen the second woman.

I have succeeded today. I have finally seen it. Of course, it had to be shown to me in two different photos, but I can easily see the two now. I called my sister and asked if it was in Iowa Grandma's house. I told her I had finally seen it. And she had to rub it in that she has always seen it.

So it has only taken me 33 - years to see it. Oh well. At least I can see the two.

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