Saturday, June 21, 2008

As some of you know, my boyfriend jumped ship from the park service and landed on an island in the middle of the Pacific with the Fish and Wildlife. The only thing that sucked about that is I didn't get to raft the Grand Canyon. But I did get to go to Midway Atoll (where he is working) and heck the Grand Canyon will probably always be there, whereas a chance for a Midway visit may not.

On June 5th after working nonstop for 8 days, I flew to Hawaii. I never understand that time change thing as it took me 2 hours to fly to Hawaii and an entire night to fly back. Anyway, I spent June 6th exploring the USS Arizona and hanging out at the hotel before heading out to Midway. We left at 4pm-ish from Honolulu and arrived at around 930pm-ish at Midway. The plane can only land at night due to the abundance of birds that live on the island. Due to Murray having some rare sickness, there was a chance we were going to have to fly out the next day, but luckily he got over it.

The first day Murray said lets explore the town today. I'm thinking the island is 1.8 x 1.8 miles so can't we explore the island in one day. But really there is so much to see that each day we saw a different part. There are old buildings from the Battle of Midway and the Pacific Cable Company. And did I mention there are birds on the island? Let me start with "I saw the movie the birds when I was way too young". So on the island are many birds, but the albatross probably are the top bird. There are 500,000 breeding pairs. Now you realize that is 1 million birds. And usually, those birds have we are now at 1.5 million. And then there are juvenile birds so we will just say between 1 - 2 million albatross live on the island. There are albatross everywhere!!!!!

You know that loud noise the birds in the movie were making. That sound is sooty terns and on Eastern Island they had an abundance of those. As you will notice in one of the photos, I am crouching down because I just kept remembering that dang movie. I added 20 birds to my geeky life list.

I went snorkeling twice and realized on the second one, I don't like snorkeling under a murky pier and surely don't like Ulua sizing me up. Those are the big fish in the snorkeling photos. I don't like it when I can't see very far under water and what might be lurking down there. I got to see a lot of turtles and some monk seals. Did I mention I got to see birds. I also got to see some dolphins, but never had the chance to see any sting rays.

With Murray being still under the weather this is how our day usually went...breakfast at the restaurant (all meals are eaten at the restaurant with Thai cooks--yes that means each meal there was a thai dish). After breakfast, we would explore the buildings, walk the trails, look at birds, hope the wind would stop blowing for snorkeling. Usually after lunch, it was a nap and then relax until dinner. After dinner we usually went down to the cargo pier for a beer and to look for dolphins/sting rays. With the roads covered with birds, we used bicycles to get around and it was like driving an obstacle course. I came close to crashing once as Murray went on one side of an adult albatross so it started moving my way and I couldn't swerve to avoid it because I would have hit two other birds.

So I leave you with a link to the photos and Murray's quote:

When I get old(er) I'd rather look back and regret some of the things I did rather than some of the things I didn't do

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wow, it has been a while since I have posted. Been a while since I have dropped by some of my long time blogger friends' sites and dropped a quick note. But I am at it again to milk some money out of everyone.

Once again, I am participating in the Relay For Life in my town of living close to these days. The link below is for the Hollister Relay. As you click on the page, you will notice at the time of this reading that Pinnacles Employees Association is in FIRST place for fundraising right now. That is our team. If you look at the list of Top Participants, you will notice that second place is ME.

So if you want to donate to a great cause, click on the links and get to my page so you can help me reach my goal of $1000.00. And to reach our team goal os $2000.00


My Page

Thanks if you donate!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Water Flowin & Greenin

Last Saturday the raining started coming down at Pinnacles. I spent most of my work days inside primarily because most visitors didn't come. My days off were spent inside as well. I had thought of hiking, but each time I did, the rain would start up again. It has rained off and on since Saturday (as in 1/19). Periods of letups and periods of downpours. On 1/7, I hiked to N. Chalone Peak passing by the reservoir. It was approximately 5-6 feet below the dam. As you will notice with the photos, it is a little higher now.

So today at 4pm when the rain let up just enough, I, already dressed in rain gear, headed up the Moses Spring Trail. There were two other vehicles in the lot and when I stepped out, and I could hear the rushing of water. Would it fill and flow into the parking lot? I headed up the trail and the water left my physical view, but the sound pounded in my ears. It sounded like music and every thing was singing. The trail was slippery at spots and I took my time listening to the pounding of water through my veins. I stopped had tempted to glimpse the water's flow in numerous spots, but never could.

I stopped and smiled at the Side Waterfall. I noticed how everything seemed to be twice a green since the rain started. If I bent down close to the mossy rocks funneling the water, I could hear them rejoicing for the wetness. When I got to the tunnel, the water's roar sounded as if it was coming over the trail, however; it was still far below only echoing its wants. I reached the junction and headed up the trail instead of through the caves. The Large Waterfall was flowing fully instead of the trickle. I paused and smiled up at it as if some deity. It was then I heard the voices of the leaves singing and laughing.

There was flowing water every where. I reached the bottom of the steps to the reservoir. Last time through it was a tiny trickle of water. Today it was at full force. I put the camera away, put my hood up, and climbed the stairs to the reservoir. The reservoir was full and if the rain continues, it may be too full. Remember the 5-6 feet down from the dam. Well here is the dam. The concrete path you see in the photo continues on to the right and up to N. Chalone Peak. As you might notice, you would be swimming if you attempted it now.

After having a moment to myself at the reservoir, I went back down the steps and entered the cave system. The sound of the water was deafening. When I reached the bottom of the stairs inside the caves, I saw what I was about to walk through. When the water reached my calves and my boots filled up, I wondered at what point do we close the caves. And then I was back on the main trail slopping down the trail.


Ps. On 1/12 I saw a mountain lion. It was beautiful. Unfortunately I didn't have a camera, plus I was screaming I SAW A MOUNTAIN LION to my supervisor

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Blast from the Past, Way Past

The year was either 1984 or 1985. I am betting on 1985 because that is the year I entered junior high and it was in 6th grade that it took place. As I write about this I think about how life was back then. Bucky Covington describes it best in his song "A Different World". It is a video. But the words are so damn true as to how I grew up. It was definitely was a different light.

In 1985, I was 12 years. I had a boyfriend. His name was Sean. His birthday is 22 days after mine. His father, who lived in another state, sent him 200 dollars for his birthday to be used as he pleased. And so he did what any gentleman would do--spent it on his girlfriend.

Sean hired a limo, probably the only one in town, and then took me out to dinner at a fancy restaurant that most 12 year olds would not be going to. The limo picked him up at his house and then his mom followed the vehicle over to my house to take some photos. Sean walked up to the door, walked me to the limo, and put a corsage on my dress. Yes, he pinned it on himself. Then we went to the restaurant. All the people in there including the waitress thought it was so damn cute. The waitress gave us a dessert to share I remember. Probably because she thought it was so damn cute. And then the limo took me back to my house and embarrassed me. As we pulled up the house, he said does the B family still live here. I said yes. He said I've gone to some of the best parties in my life here. I wanted to crawl under the limo. Sean walked me to the door and gave me a kiss good night.

Here is the kicker though...we were 12 years old. Remember how I said his mom followed the limo to my house? Well, as far as we know, she never followed it any further. And my father did not follow us either as far as we know. We were 12 year olds out on a date without a chaperon. As the song says: A different world.

Enjoy the cute photo of me.