Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Blast from the Past, Way Past

The year was either 1984 or 1985. I am betting on 1985 because that is the year I entered junior high and it was in 6th grade that it took place. As I write about this I think about how life was back then. Bucky Covington describes it best in his song "A Different World". It is a video. But the words are so damn true as to how I grew up. It was definitely was a different light.

In 1985, I was 12 years. I had a boyfriend. His name was Sean. His birthday is 22 days after mine. His father, who lived in another state, sent him 200 dollars for his birthday to be used as he pleased. And so he did what any gentleman would do--spent it on his girlfriend.

Sean hired a limo, probably the only one in town, and then took me out to dinner at a fancy restaurant that most 12 year olds would not be going to. The limo picked him up at his house and then his mom followed the vehicle over to my house to take some photos. Sean walked up to the door, walked me to the limo, and put a corsage on my dress. Yes, he pinned it on himself. Then we went to the restaurant. All the people in there including the waitress thought it was so damn cute. The waitress gave us a dessert to share I remember. Probably because she thought it was so damn cute. And then the limo took me back to my house and embarrassed me. As we pulled up the house, he said does the B family still live here. I said yes. He said I've gone to some of the best parties in my life here. I wanted to crawl under the limo. Sean walked me to the door and gave me a kiss good night.

Here is the kicker though...we were 12 years old. Remember how I said his mom followed the limo to my house? Well, as far as we know, she never followed it any further. And my father did not follow us either as far as we know. We were 12 year olds out on a date without a chaperon. As the song says: A different world.

Enjoy the cute photo of me.

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