Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Arf Folks:

I know I haven't written in a while, but I haven't had anything too exciting to write home about in a while, except today topped everything. I will have to start my story from about 3 years ago...

Approximately 3 years ago, someone dropped me off, abandoned me, well basically did not want me anymore. I was picked up by the dog catcher. Accompanying me when I was picked up was a dog who looked just like me except he had a boy thing and I have a girl thing. Hence, our names. We were called brother and sister and sent to doggie jail. But in our town, dogs don't sit in jail too long. They are either adopted or fostered. One of my mom's friends was heavily involved with the Humane Society and took mom down to see me. Mom fell in love with me so she brought down boyfriend who brought down son. And well the rest of the story is obvious. I was adopted. My brother....well about a week later mom called to see if he had been adopted. He had been. And so the long search begun for me to be reunited with him.

My mom figured with all the walks we did and the town only being approximately 7000 strong that we would run into him. But we never did. However, the other day mom was down at the bakery doing some eating and studying when she looked outside to see the spitting image of me tied to the bike rack. Actually mom likes to call it the dog rack, but anyway, there was this dog. She was positive it was my brother. She immediately asked everyone in the restaurant, but it was no one's. Mom kept watching to see if the owner would come back. Mom got up to go to the restroom and in the backroom on the computers was a guy. She broke away from her shy mold and asked if that was his dog outside. He said yes. She asked all the appropriate questions: did he get it at the humane society, was his name Tigger, etc. All the answers were yes. Mom told him that she had his sister. I'm just going by what mom has told me now, but they talked and exchanged numbers.

Last night I listened as mom talked on the telephone. I heard her say something about the Walking Place and meeting at 9am. I thought "that is the time we go for walks. why is she making plans on my time." Then she hung up and talked to me about it. She said I was going to meet my brother.

We arrived at the walking place and we only walked a little bit. I kept looking at her and wondering why she wasn't going further. And then another car pulled into the parking area. I watched as a dog got out of the vehicle and I got down in my attack position. I slowly walked that way and then I realized. My tail started going 100 mph and I ran up to him. His name is Farley now.

I am still a little cuter, but we look a lot alike. Our parents took us for a good walk. And we pretty much explored on our own, but occasionally crossed paths. It was when we returned to the vehicles that we started to play and wrestle like brother and

sister. We did that for about 20 minutes as our parents laughed and talked about us.

Then it was time to go. First I got in my vehicle and Farley got in with me. Then he went over to his vehicle. And I stood by mine and watched with sad eyes as he climbed into his vehicle. I couldn't handle it anymore and ran over there and crawled in with him. I didn't want to be separated again. Mom got me in our vehicle and I looked out the back window watching once again as he was taken from me.

I have been kind of sad since returning home, letting out big sighs, wondering where he went, will I ever see him again, etc. Mom tells me that I will see him again. Mom wonders if this was the right thing to do since I am now sad, but she thinks as more time is spent with him and then him leaving, we will realize it isn't forever again.

Click on the title to see more photos of us.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

How's that New Year

Well you know for me, it hasn't started out the best. First, just before the new year Jenna took me out playing running in circle at Mach 1. I am still having foot and sometimes knee problems with that.

I remember laying on the ground. I remember certain things, but not all. I remember her laying away from me. I remember my sis, Amy, calling 911. I remember the fire truck pulling up. I remember the drugs. I remember making a u-turn. I remember getting to the hopsital. I remember Johnny Crutch. That's about it.

I don't remember getting to keep the 30 dollar blanket that was used to help support my leg. I don't understand why it cost 600 dollars to be driven 3 miles. I don't understand why it was 1100 dollars for the ER visit. And to think of it, I haven't gotten the doctor's bill or Johnny Crutches. I just have to say THANK GOODNESS for insurance that probably won't cover shit. I wait and wonder: if it doesn't cut it, how am I, the unemployed child going to pay for it.

Since June when I had a cyst burst on my right ovary, I have continued to have pain there. Well, I pretty much have had pain there before that, but the cyst took pain to a new level. Anyway, I have had about 4 vaginal ultrasounds and 3 normal ones. Really the vaginal aren't that bad because they primarily stick a dildo up you and check things out. But they weren't finding anything. And the pain continued. So now the doctor has decided on February 7th, some exploratory surgery will be conducted and if anything, a possible hernia, is found then they will repair. Besides my wisdom teeth, it will be the first time I am put under. Looking forward to it? Hell, if it takes the pain away I am all for it.

Happy Fricking New Year.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

End of Road Trip

We stayed in Phoenix after our last post. I had a family reunion to attend and so I brought along the boyfriend to meet the family. On Friday, we hung out with Rachel and she loved having Jenna around to walk and play with. One of the things we did was to get Jenna running fast in circles and Rachel loved it laughing hysterically. That led to the fiasco on Saturday.

We went to Railroad Park for a picnic and playtime with the family. Jenna was allowed to come along which I think she enjoyed thoroughly to a certain extent. Rachel and I took Jenna over the hill to let her play for a while off her leash. And so I got Jenna running in circles. And she was running about Mach 1 when...

She ran straight into my left knee and lifted me into the air. I am hoping I didn't cuss, but deep down I am sure I was. I yelled for Rachel to go get her mom. When Rachel told her mom, she initially thought we were playing a joke. Somehow I was able to get the leash back on Jenna. I remember Polly coming and then her calling for Murray. I remember him coming and then I remember them calling 911. And then I think the hotties showed up, but I don't remember too much after that. I remember contemplating whether I wanted to go to the hospital and making an effort to move to stand up, but it hurt too damn much. I remember my brand new pair of jeans being split up the side. The next thing I knew the IV was in and we were heading to the hospital. I remember hottie talking to me about hunting in the La Sals which is near Moab. And I remember being wheeled into the ER room.

After x-rays and more drugs, Johnny Crutch came in to size me for a knee brace and crutches. I had to pee terribly and wanted to get down there. He wanted me to take it slow. Once back in the room, he continued to talk and I finally had to lay back down and close my eyes because I kept picturing puking on his head. I opted for the wheel chair to the lobby where I felt I was going to puke.

My sister finally came and we went to her house. Jenna was freaked out in the vehicle and visibly upset, but I was able to get her calmed down. And I even went to the evenings activities. The four beers and hydrocodone made me fall asleep quickly when we finally got home at 3 a.m.

Sunday night I was sick of the crutches and decided I could walk on the leg. My family didn't think it was a good idea and since I was in mass pain by the end of the night, they were right for once. I made it to midnight and then went home for another wonderful night on the couch.

We left Phoenix and the warmth on Monday morning one hour behind our scheduled departure time. That is about all I know because I slept the entire way. Wanted to say sorry to Jeff and Jacob for not being able to see them at the park even though I believe they saw me laying on the ground.

Hope everyone had a great New Year.