Tuesday, January 02, 2007

End of Road Trip

We stayed in Phoenix after our last post. I had a family reunion to attend and so I brought along the boyfriend to meet the family. On Friday, we hung out with Rachel and she loved having Jenna around to walk and play with. One of the things we did was to get Jenna running fast in circles and Rachel loved it laughing hysterically. That led to the fiasco on Saturday.

We went to Railroad Park for a picnic and playtime with the family. Jenna was allowed to come along which I think she enjoyed thoroughly to a certain extent. Rachel and I took Jenna over the hill to let her play for a while off her leash. And so I got Jenna running in circles. And she was running about Mach 1 when...

She ran straight into my left knee and lifted me into the air. I am hoping I didn't cuss, but deep down I am sure I was. I yelled for Rachel to go get her mom. When Rachel told her mom, she initially thought we were playing a joke. Somehow I was able to get the leash back on Jenna. I remember Polly coming and then her calling for Murray. I remember him coming and then I remember them calling 911. And then I think the hotties showed up, but I don't remember too much after that. I remember contemplating whether I wanted to go to the hospital and making an effort to move to stand up, but it hurt too damn much. I remember my brand new pair of jeans being split up the side. The next thing I knew the IV was in and we were heading to the hospital. I remember hottie talking to me about hunting in the La Sals which is near Moab. And I remember being wheeled into the ER room.

After x-rays and more drugs, Johnny Crutch came in to size me for a knee brace and crutches. I had to pee terribly and wanted to get down there. He wanted me to take it slow. Once back in the room, he continued to talk and I finally had to lay back down and close my eyes because I kept picturing puking on his head. I opted for the wheel chair to the lobby where I felt I was going to puke.

My sister finally came and we went to her house. Jenna was freaked out in the vehicle and visibly upset, but I was able to get her calmed down. And I even went to the evenings activities. The four beers and hydrocodone made me fall asleep quickly when we finally got home at 3 a.m.

Sunday night I was sick of the crutches and decided I could walk on the leg. My family didn't think it was a good idea and since I was in mass pain by the end of the night, they were right for once. I made it to midnight and then went home for another wonderful night on the couch.

We left Phoenix and the warmth on Monday morning one hour behind our scheduled departure time. That is about all I know because I slept the entire way. Wanted to say sorry to Jeff and Jacob for not being able to see them at the park even though I believe they saw me laying on the ground.

Hope everyone had a great New Year.

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