Monday, December 25, 2006

Road Trip Day 6

We awoke early and had some waffles. The one I made wasn't as great as the first one I had in the beginning of this trip. Must have been much more hungry that morning or something. We headed out on the day's adventure.

First stop was a dirt road in the west district of Saguaro NP. Although we had seen primarily the same thing the day before, we concentrated more on birds this morning and taking turns walking Jenna down the dirt road.

But even though we were concentrating on the birds, I still snapped off the cactus photo. I particularly enjoyed this one.

Afterwards, we were going to walk around the Arizona Sonoran Museum, however, there was a sign that said no dog left unattended. We were going to risk it, but the old man security guard had seen the dog. We walked down to the entrance just to look and decided against risking it. The security guy had followed us back to the vehicle, but didn't stop. As we went to leave, I stopped to do something and parked across several parking spaces to fix something. The security guard stopped and watched us. He then paralleled us until we turned to leave. We both wanted to turn again and make circles so he would get nervous, but we didn't. He watched us leave the area.

Defeated there, we headed north towards Phoenix, but decided to find some more ruins. I have to say I have been disappointed with the park units we have visited in Arizona because each one had a city surrounding it. I'm spoiled in Utah. Casa Grande Ruins had a Wal-mart across the street. However, Jenna was pretty excited that she was allowed to go out near the ruin and even walk straight through the visitor center. We were so suprised that I took a photo of her and Murray in the visitor center.

We finally arrived in Phoenix just in time to head over to a sister's house for grub and a game of 20 Questions. If you see one, this one bought in Kohls, pick one up because you will be amazed. It is an electronic game and you think of something, it asks the questions, and then guesses your answer. We stumped it several times, but it did come up with platypus.

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas and enjoy the rest of the year.

More photos here

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