Thursday, December 21, 2006

Road Trip Day 1&2

We left Moab on Tuesday and headed southeast. When we woke up Tuesday morning the ground was covered with snow. And the rest of the day was driven in snow and rain.

Our first unscheduled stop was a casino. We only dropped 20 of Murray's money. And I have decided that I couldn't live in a gambling city because I would have a problem with gambling.

We arrived in Farmington NM sometime that day and drove straight to Aztec Ruin National Monument ( QUIZ: What is the difference between a National Park and National Monument (Parkies can't answer). Of course the lady working there knew people we knew. (Green Hornet-you took her over EH)

We stayed that night in Farmington. While staying in the La Quinta because that is our choice hotel, I received an email from some "old" camp hosts from Arches. (And I don't mean OLD). How about past. That is better. Mike said something about Farmington and I said oh shit, they live in Farmington. So I sent a message in hopes he would get it before we left. Then we went next door and had one of the greatest drinks I have ever had. Raspberry Liqueur, Kahlua, half&half-shaken over the rocks with a splash of Sprite. YUMMIE!!!!!!! The next morning Mike called and we met up for breakfast and coffee. Then we headed onto Chaco.

Driving down 550 the road was ok. Not much snow left over and not slippery. We turned onto a paved county road and then onto the dirt road. About 20 miles of dirt road to reach Chaco. Mike had told me about the washboard, but thought they might be ok because of the snow. NOPE MIKE...they are still there and still crappy. But we made it. And saw two coyotes on the way. We pulled into the parking lot and were the only ones there. It was windy and freezing ass cold, but we endured. We had the entire park to ourselves. Jenna (the dog) didn't like it much because she didn't get to go on a lot of the trails.

But it was really nice to have an entire park to ourselves. And I am sure the area looks completely different without snow. And just a is always important to actually take the trail guide so when you come to the numbers you know what you are looking for or at. At #8, we searched and searched and then when we read the trail guide at the end of the trail, it said nothing was there.

We left Chaco after freezing most of the tour of the park. We stopped at a large pull out to eat lunch in the vehicle and let Jenna run. After about 10 minutes she came back to the vehicle. We aren't sure if it was because she was freezing or could smell the sandwiches. We turned back onto 550 and headed south towards I-25. And here came the snow. The Rocket (my vehicle) made it through without one slip or slide. One vehicle used me the entire time...each time I pulled out to pass, he was right behind me. Little did he know that a female was driving. HAHA.

We found our La Quinta in Santa Fe right near a mall, which was nice so I could get a stocking cap since I can't find mine. Today, the roads are icy, but we are still heading north towards Bandelier. Until then...keep warm...

As always more photos

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