Monday, November 22, 2010


One often hears that it is a brotherhood.  What?  The law enforcement world.  I mean there is the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP).  A brotherhood.

However, in the world of Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service, and state agency Park entities, we are a family.  The reason?  There are few of us.  We usually work solo with backup often being more than 30 minutes away and that is usually close.

I remember once when I made contact with a vehicle that visitors had been reporting as graffiti on Delicate Arch.  After I ran the driver, the Dispatcher called a code to me indicating 'trouble'.  I was still talking to the offender so I told Dispatch to standby.  The Dispatch knowing the seriousness of the offender said 'I need any available unit to start towards Arches."  The responding officers were National Park Service officers, Bureau Land Management officer, and a sheriff deputy.

When one works in a rural location, everyone backs up everyone else.   Why am I writing all this?  On Saturday morning I opened my browser to read: Park Ranger shot in Utah. Utah is a large state with 7 National Park units so the chance of me knowing the individual seemed unlikely.  However, with park rangers, we are a very small family.  You always know someone or at least a friend knows the individual.  Anyway, the park ranger shot on Friday at 9pm worked in Moab.  The shooting was too close to home.

I read further into the article and found out it was Brody Young.  The name rang a familiar bell, but it wasn't until they posted his photo that it became even more personal than it already was.  I had went on a river raft trip once and we met up with Brody during the trip.  He made the dutch oven cake that night.  (The title IT IS FAMILY is the link to an article, as you look at photos realize the boat is park service, Brody works for Utah State-primarily, we are family).

I check the website over and over in the hopes that they caught the suspect.  I hope they catch the suspect without another shot fired because as I said we are family.  The rangers I have worked with in the past are out there helping to track down the suspect.  They are now in the line of fire, however; I know they did not hesitate when the call for help went out.  Every officer working was heading Brody's way.  That is how it works in our family.  Besides the other park rangers in the area, 140 officers in total are searching for the suspect.

If Brody wasn't laying in a hospital, he would be out there as well.  He was shot in the arm, leg, and stomach. The important thing is that he is alive and that even being shot he was able to make a radio call, talk to medics, and get out important information.  He is in critical but stable condition.

I leave you with this comment that was posted on one of the you will notice this person did not know Brody, but read what he puts in the last line.   

As a 30 year veteren former law enforcement officer my respect and admiration for these Rangers and rural Peace Officers is very deep and I am very proud of them. Doing a peace officers job with back up seconds away or even just a few minutes away is still extremely trying and risky. That they work alone and miles from help is more than those without experience in the field will ever know. My prayers are with my brother and his family. God holds a these men and women who serve so valiantly below the threshhold of most peoples awareness as very precious. My brother in arms and his family needs your prayers.

NOTE:  A fund has been set up at any Wells Fargo branch in honor of Brody Young.  He has a wife and several children.  Please help out if you can!!!!  Happy Holidays.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Grand Canyon

I stand out on the edge of a point.  And I think...what would it be like to jump?  Don't panic!  I am not suicidal, but I have often wondered what it would feel like to just jump and soar.  With no worry about the pain that would ensue when I hit the bottom.  What would it be like to jump?  Well as you can tell by reading this, I didn't answer my question this time.

I have been to the canyon numerous times as a child, college student, and now as an adult (really am I?).  I might joke about it being a really big hole, but each time I have peered over the edge and into the abyss this time I around I have been awed.  I have tried to look over at different points, but even when I was looking from the same location I saw something new.  But still always just amazed me.  As with many National Parks, I find it interesting, disheartening, and foolish that people that live in the state have never been to the Grand Canyon.  Hello, it is one of the 7 wonders of the world.  And you live a short ways away.  Pack up the family and get your ass up here so you can ask yourself as you peer over---what would it be like to jump?

I've brought two things of importance to the canyon almost every time I went to peer over.  First, as many of you have looked, I brought my camera.  And I have taken photo after photo of the same geological formations.  But you know what?  Well before you answer I am going to tell matter how much you comment on my photo and say how beautiful they are...those photos do not do justice to what I saw with my own eyes.  The photos doesn't capture what I am seeing.  Honestly, I don't even look back at the photos because I do not what them to taint my view.  

Second, I brought a journal I call 'My Book of Law'.  It is from a book by Miguel Ruiz (The 4 Agreements Companion Book).  As I opened it recently I noticed my last entry was 04/09 and now it is 11/10.  WOW.  So I figured what a better place to get reacquainted with the book.  Guess what?  Again the answer...I have barely opened it.  Because when I get out on the rim which I think is going to bring me inspiration to write in it, the beauty surrounding me takes my breath away.  This is all I could come up with....

I sit out on a point watching the sunset.  Quiet.  The raven calls out.  Peace.  The chill warms my body.  Silence.  The canyon howls as the rocks explode with fire.

And with that I leave you with the challenge.  Go to and look up what parks are in your area.  Heck search out your state parks as well.  And then go there and sit in the quietness and find peace from that hectic Monday everyone is always complaining about on facebook.