Thursday, December 21, 2006

Road Trip Day 3

We left Santa Fe this morning under iffy road conditions. It was still snow covered which pretty much left icy conditions. But it didn't last long as it was also sunny and somewhat warm today. Of course as soon as the sun disappears, it gets mighty damn cold. We traveled north from Santa Fe to Bandelier. Another Indian ruin area and another stamp on my NPS passport.

In the park service, the crowd is small and you usually know or someone else knows someone else and so on. And of course I knew someone from here who I used to work with. At Aztec, one of the workers knew someone I currently work with. Geez, it is a small work community.
I've seen a lot of ruins, but nothing like these. Each time I raised my camera to take the photo the guy with the walking stick would walk in front of my photo. He did it about 5 times. Unbelievable.
Unlike Chaco where we had the entire park to ourselves because it was so damn cold, we had to share the park today. The snow was so bad there yesterday they had shut down the park. Like at Chaco, my camera fell again and this time instead of the mud got a little damaged (ladder photo). No biggie though. Friends ask why I leave on the plastic cover on the LCD screen. Now you know.

We finally finished up the hike and Jenna was quite excited because she is getting sick of being left in the vehicle. We drove into Los Alamos. We aren't glowing. We went to the Museum so we could learn more about how and why and everything else we did and didn't want to know about the A-Bomb. Then we went to a historical diner. Finally back at the vehicle, Jenna was ready to kill us even more. We found a road off the highway and took her for a much needed walk and run. Plus, part of her dinner was my pork chop so I think we appeased her. Tomorrow we are going to try to find something strictly for her.

Not sure where tomorrow will lead us but it will be down I-25 hopefully to warmth! Happy Holidays!

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