Wednesday, January 24, 2007

How's that New Year

Well you know for me, it hasn't started out the best. First, just before the new year Jenna took me out playing running in circle at Mach 1. I am still having foot and sometimes knee problems with that.

I remember laying on the ground. I remember certain things, but not all. I remember her laying away from me. I remember my sis, Amy, calling 911. I remember the fire truck pulling up. I remember the drugs. I remember making a u-turn. I remember getting to the hopsital. I remember Johnny Crutch. That's about it.

I don't remember getting to keep the 30 dollar blanket that was used to help support my leg. I don't understand why it cost 600 dollars to be driven 3 miles. I don't understand why it was 1100 dollars for the ER visit. And to think of it, I haven't gotten the doctor's bill or Johnny Crutches. I just have to say THANK GOODNESS for insurance that probably won't cover shit. I wait and wonder: if it doesn't cut it, how am I, the unemployed child going to pay for it.

Since June when I had a cyst burst on my right ovary, I have continued to have pain there. Well, I pretty much have had pain there before that, but the cyst took pain to a new level. Anyway, I have had about 4 vaginal ultrasounds and 3 normal ones. Really the vaginal aren't that bad because they primarily stick a dildo up you and check things out. But they weren't finding anything. And the pain continued. So now the doctor has decided on February 7th, some exploratory surgery will be conducted and if anything, a possible hernia, is found then they will repair. Besides my wisdom teeth, it will be the first time I am put under. Looking forward to it? Hell, if it takes the pain away I am all for it.

Happy Fricking New Year.

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