Thursday, May 27, 2004

I Saw Bugs

Last night I was sitting at my desk with the computer on and writing a letter when I noticed a lot of little flying insects landing on the paper and the computer screen. They were smaller than gnats, but that type of insect. Didn't really think anything of it because after all I had the main door open and the size of them would mean they could fly through the screen. And even if I had the main door closed, they could have flown underneath that because there is an inch gap there. Matter of fact, there are quite a few cracks they could have come through. But this isn't to complain about housing that I am provided. Because really the housing is quite nice. So really I didn't think anything about the bugs that were on the paper. I just kept blowing them off and it was fine.

Then I got ready for beddy bye by taking a bath and brushing my teeth. And it was when I was brushing the incisors that I SAW THE BUGS. Not just a couple of them landing on the sink, but a whole colony of them. It might have been a village, but either way there were a lot of them. And I blew them off the sink and splashed some water on them. Yea, yea, I am sure both acts killed them. Matter of fact, I hope it had killed them. But nonetheless the thought was in my head that they had invaded my entire house. I climbed into bed to play my 5 games of Yahtzee on my wonderful Verizon phone. I was afraid to take a hard look at my bed because I sensed there were 1000s waiting for my arrival. At this point, I didn't even know if they were biting insects, but that didn't stop my rapid thoughts. There was one flying towards the light of my phone. And then I finished the games and all sources of light was gone. But that didn't keep my mind from wandering. I felt them all over me. I threw the covers on and off creating a little wind to dispell them from my bed. It didn't work in my mind because they continued to crawl all over me. They were flying in my eyelashes, up my nose, crawling on my legs, biting my neck. They were attacking me. They encompassed my dreams all night. Really? Probably not.

But since I saw 100s of them, possibly millions of them in the bathroom, I felt they were everywhere. To be honest, they probably weren't even close to the bed, but still my mind carried them to bed with me.

I hate bugs! And to think I am a nature chick.

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