Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Retreat

After working four long days after my Hawaii vacation, I have another 6 off. Three of those days were a retreat for the condor crew and the other three are my days off. I am amazed that for the first time since starting work here in February last week was the first week where I didn't work over 40 hours. But nonetheless I am going to need my next three days off for recuperating.

We left Friday afternoon. Three in one car and four in the other. The hotel we were staying at was a 2 star hotel. Three of the seven people don't make too much money. The website showed a very nice hotel so we were very sketchy about the place. When we arrived and the place across the street was an Adult Entertainment Arcade and S. Spa Massages with little hearts under it, we were concerned. There was also a bar, but you wouldn't know it until 9pm when the line started. Nonetheless, the hotel was nice inside and actually matched the photos. I am not saying it was the Hilton or Ritz, but it served our needs of sleeping there.

Friday night was an easy night with Indian food. They walked us down this alley and into a back room. Of the two who had been to India before they said it felt like they were back there. We hit a couple of clubs that night, but me and another one called it an early night. We knew Saturday would be a hoppin booty shakin night.

Saturday morning we ventured around the city. Oops--this is San Francisco. On Friday night, we had decided to hit a Goodwill store and each pick out an outfit for someone else to wear out on Saturday night. Well, it didn't quite go like that, but we helped each other pick out wonderful outfits to wear out Saturday night. And this is what we came up with...

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We would get some wonderful comments throughout the night. There were seven us in total, but one didn't participate, so we were spread out while walking so often some passerby would comment about someone at the front of the group. We started our night at the Condor Lounge. It was a must.
The funniest of the night was about VT who was the only male of us who dressed up. In the photo he is the first starting from the left. This group of "I must impress the world of SF" girls passed us and one of them said "OH MY GOD, Birkenstocks with leather". We were dying laughing. He also got a "STUPID" from some guy. But all in all, VT got a lot of high fives for his outfit and for the fact he was surrounded by five women. Most comments were positive and were able to laugh with us.
We made up a code while dancing in case you needed to be rescued from some over zealous grinder. We would rub our noses and VT would come dancing in and bring us back to our group. We danced primarily from 1030pm until 2am when the bars closed. And then we tracked down the cops and found a place where there was afterhours. And 3 of the 4 oldest and VT danced until 4am.
Today I am one hurting pup since the last time I danced like that was never. Like I said I will need the next 3 to recoup. Hopefully I will have a more adventurous story at the end of the week. Jack said I needed to pep things up.

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