Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Tuesday's Readings

Hello folks:

I assume that I might possibly get more than 2 hits in the coming days since I just spent most of my afternoon reading all the blogs under my Adventurists list. I am playing hooky from work. Honestly I feel like my body is going to explode, but I have yet to have the explosion. So instead of playing Party Poker, well actually, while playing Party Poker, I read the blogs. And there were two common themes that I found on most of the ones I have listed....

1. They haven't posted since the beginning of the year
2. They are apologizing for not being around, blogging, reading, posting, etc.

And I am right there with you on the last one. I've posted here and there, but I've been terrible with reading. Plus only a few people read mine so I feel neglected and unwanted. I check in frequently with Jack only to see if he is still alive. And I frequently read Trashman to see what kind of trouble he has gotten into. But other than that I've been lame and unfriendly in reading and blogging. But I've noticed I am not alone....
Have posted similar blogs about not being around or have just disappeared like TJ.

And then we have Jenn who is as busy as any of us running here and there, cooking dinner in between, throwing in some laundry, shuffling kids, and still has enough time to blog to tell us she is doing all that. Amazing.
More so, we're lame and don't take the time to just drop a short note.

But of all the ones I read today, I would have to list my favorite is the one below. You will have to scroll down to Christmas PSA because there is already a new post. It is great. And women will notice the truth and men will hopefully get the drift.
So like every one else, I'm back, alive, and will try hard to read more instead of spending hours playing poker. But then again, I believe Blogs are just like every other fad. They explode and then die. Kind of like my body today.
Everyone have a great Thanksgiving.

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