Sunday, April 23, 2006

Utah Road Trip

I was recently at Zion National Park for EMT training. As a park ranger, we are required to hold several certifications. Besides my law enforcement training each year, I go through wildland fire training and must keep current on my EMT qualifications every two years. Besides the 24 hours of refresher required every two years, I must also have 48 hours of continuing education.

So I was over in Zion for the training. Each day after the classroom sessions, I headed out to the park to hike some of the trails. I'll post about that later. Why? Because after my one day off today, I am off to technical rescue training for the next week.

Utah is an amazing place and probably the most diverse in the way of geography. So during the 345 miles, 7 hour drive back from Zion to Arches, I snapped photos every time I came to a different zone. Click on the TITLE to view the slide show from Zion to Arches.

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