Thursday, July 13, 2006

Highly Allergic

About three weeks ago, I escaped the confines of my yard and went around to the front of the house. Mom isn't sure what I got myself into, but she thinks I ate the dead bird in the front yard. She believes that possibly the bird had an insect on it and I got stung. Whatever it was, when mom kindly grabbed under my chin to say "what are you doing out here" she felt the grapefruit size lump on the left side of my chin.

She laid on the floor with me for quite a while. It was about 11pm. When my eyes started to get glazed over and I was looking like I was in dream land, she called my normal vet. No answer on the emergency number. When my breathing became labored and I stopped several times, she called the other vet. We rushed down there at midnight 20. After two shots, the vet sticking something up my arse, and his finger down my throat, we got to come home. Of course it was now 130am and the vet told mom to monitor me for the next 3 hours. Um, well she wasn't about to sleep on the floor for three hours, so I got to sleep in the bed. Interesting, may be I should have reactions more often. Dad was away so I spent the next three nights in the bed with mom.

On Tuesday, mom, Pheebs, Jake, and I went for another road trip. We had a good day until the last pitstop for a piss break. First, there was the water that mom kept us out of. Then there was a carcass of some sort. And then we started walking down this road. Mom and Pheebs started getting bit by mosquitoes and so that cancelled the walk. We got back in the vehicle and there were bugs in there and one was on my nose, which they slapped at numerous times. We drove on to the next town to get gas. Mom was gassing up when she noticed my face was very bumpy. Pheebs ran into the store and mom bought some benadryl. It was children's liquid and so I drank out of the cap. I wasn't having trouble breathing, but mom was still in a panic. She sped home where I was given another benadryl, which pretty much put my ass out for the rest of the night. Mom snapped photos of me...

Mom also put more photos here under Jenna's life and Utah "Everything else"

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