Monday, December 13, 2010

The Recovery Process

Almost a month ago, I opened my web browser to read that a Utah Park Ranger had been shot.  Within moments, I knew who the ranger was and I knew that my former coworkers and friends were out searching for the suspect.  Each day I have checked in via a friend receiving updates and on facebook on how Brody Young was doing.  Each day there have been ups and downs.  When it first happened, I wrote this:  It Is A Family.  When I wrote it I did not realize how big that family was.  

Each day I check into the website, I receive some kind of update.  But most importantly I get to read the comments that individuals have wrote on the facebook page.  Of course there were family, friends, and church members comments encouraging Brody in the recovery process, but also sending their prayers and thoughts.  Then there were others such as visitors who had contact with Brody during his course of work or people who love parks and have never met Brody before.  And then there was the Ranger family:  National Wildlife Refuge Officers Association, The Alabama Conservation Enforcement Officers Association, Minneapolis Park Police and the Park Law Enforcement Association, Blue Ridge Parkway brothers and sisters, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, Rangers from the ND State Parks, Rangers from Tennessee State Parks, and so forth. I would bet with a certainty of 99% that not one of those Rangers knows Brody.  And most likely never will, but as I said IT IS A FAMILY and Rangers are Rangers no matter where we are working.  

Besides the weekly updates, individuals in Brody's life coordinated auctions, music benefits, blood drives, and a donation account at Wells Fargo (Brody Young Benefit Fund).  The goal for the benefit fund was $5,000, which was achieved.  The auction brought in roughly $22,000.  And 42 people came out to donate blood (Hey Brody - They had the blood drive here in Moab today. My husband and I donated blood for the very first time for the both of us!)  

And all that is great...but what I think is great is on December 9th:

Latest update: still in ICU-critical, but progressing. Now has a trach to help breathe more on his own. Trach is too big to allow him to speak, but they will slowly decrease the size over next few weeks. With him covered from neck down, the kids got to see him-they were very happy! Brody still mostly sedated, but has been alert enough to nod head to questions. Nurses say he is more relaxed when his wife is there.

And then today I log on to find this:  

Brody is doing really good today. Today he was sitting up in a lazy boy type chair most of the day. He had two cups of ice today that he ate with a spoon. You would have thought it was Thanksgiving dinner, judging by how happy he looked when they told him he could have it.
He wants to talk so bad and can't at this point with the tubes. Hopefully by the end of the week he will be chatting up a storm. 

I know that in the coming month(s) that there will be ups and downs, but it is part of the process.  And with Brody's desire and will to fight, he will make a quick recovery.  

My thoughts are with you every day Brody.  Be strong.  

I realize that Christmas is coming up and you are probably spending $$ on gifts, but if you each of you that read this can spare $10 and donate to the Brody Young Benefit Fund, it would be great.  The first post I wrote I had over 100 reads which would equate to $1000 to the fund which will help in the recovery process.  Thanks all who read my posts and happy holidays!


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