Friday, October 29, 2004

The Student Driver

I was driving the other day down the road of course when I came around the corner and observed a brown vehicle coming towards me, luckily in the other lane. It was the all too familiar vehicle of the "STUDENT DRIVER". How did I know? Because for some reason here (and I have seen it in other towns too) they marked the vehicle. This one has a sign on top like a pizza delivery person and I believe something written on the side. Two things went through my mind at that time...

1. Why do they mark the vehicle?

2. Should I swerve and see if they could react properly?

Oh please, I know quite a few of you out there have had similar thoughts.

The answer to the first one came to me via a website when I was looking for a good photo of a student driver. Creates a safer environment for kids while learning the rules of the road in the family car. Alerts other motorists that there is a beginner driver sharing the road. Reduces frustration levels for the student, parent and fellow motorists. Increases awareness on the road.

Well whatever is my answer to number one. For all of us devil-ish, impish individuals out there it just draws more attraction to the vehicle and conjures up more thoughts of cruel things to do to them. By the way, I did not swerve because by the time the first question went through my head, the vehicle had passed and the second thought was just coming to mind.

But honestly, I think marking the vehicle just makes it easier for people to screw with them more.

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