Tuesday, November 02, 2004

We had a baby

BF said he wanted to get a dog. So weekly I would find dogs that I found to be suitable for my liking. I would say we have to drive by the drug store knowing full well there was supposed to be 'an adoption' day put on by the Humane Society. Luckily, however; unluckily it wasn't going on at the time we drove by because if it had been, we would have got the baby on Saturday instead of Tuesday.

This morning after VOTING I went out to the park. We had a visitor who reported a pretty important fence having some damage so I was going out to find the problem and fix it. But before I could even get myself into the vehicle, Flapper said why don't you come into town with me when I vote and check out these labs they have at the pound. I am a lab lover since I have grown up with them providing hunting services to my father.

So we went into town and met with the pound man. He showed us a beagle and a male and female lab. They think the labs were brother and sister. And there is a possibility our girl is pregnant because she was in heat when she arrived. She will be getting an abortion shortly. But I immediately said I wanted her.

The kicker was talking the BF into it since it is going to be his house and making sure his son was going to like her. So after work we drove to the pound and checked out the dog. His son and him took her for a walk. The pound man knew I was already sold and I told him to work them over because I am sold. She is about a year old. She had been well taken care of because her coat is nice, but smelled. We have realized that she might have been abused a little since sometimes when we say NO she cowers away. She received a bath and didn't fight us too much. She has attempted to get into bed with me and twice has crawled onto the couch.

We've got some lessons to teach her. Although if completely up to me she would be sleeping with us. I've ruined two good hunting dogs that way when my dad left them with me. Oops. But we are excited about the new addition. Should we have a dog shower? Why not, people who have new babies get to have parties to get stuff. What do you think? (Picture Below)

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