Monday, February 07, 2005

My Friday Hike

Jenna and I went hiking on Friday. The place was somewhere we had never been and some place that I don't ever feel like I need to go again. The hike was straight uphill. Yea, I realize (thanks) that it was also straight downhill when we came back down, but it was hard going.
We pulled into the parking lot to see a bunch of jeeps parked there with the owners milling about. I had the hope that they were just parked there to go some place else to destroy the desert. I slapped the leash on Jenna and we headed away from the people. When I felt we were far enough away, I unhooked the leash and let her run. She is always about 20 yards ahead of me running from one side to the other. She probably walks, runs, explores about 5-10 more miles that we actually walk.
As I said we walked up slope during the first part of the hike. I would walk a while and then rest. Jenna would stop and look back wondering if I was going to collapse or actually make it. When she realized I was carrying water, she would run back to me every once in a while to drink out of my camelbak. The sun was shining warm and the ravens were out playing in the wind currents bouncing off the rocks. The day was silent except for that occasional airplane I heard overhead. I couldn't even hear the trucks rambling down the other side of the river. It was just me, the dog, the rocks, and the silence.
Jenna and I did meet Holly and her captors. Jenna and Holly sniffed each other and the humans talked about the beautiful day. Jenna and I reached the top and I attempted to have her hold still long enough to get a good photo of her and the town, but only was able to capture this one...anytown. As you can tell the dog isn't in the photograph. We hung out at the top for a while before heading downhill.
We rounded the corner where the shadow is in the above photo and had our silence shattered. Jenna got pissed because she was leashed up. I was irritated because I don't understand the sport I guess, but more because I like the peace and quietness. I like to hike where I am one with the Earth and nature.
I call them the desertdestroyers. Our town attracts 1000s of these during the jeep rally. All I could hear was the revving of engines. The sound bouncing off the rocks. Nothing close to the sounds the ravens make. Then I hear the tires squealing across the rocks. I hear the leader coaching the others through the lips and tight squeezes. I knew I would encounter them because when I was about 100 yards up the trail I noticed them coming up. I went up and back before they probably reached 200 yards. How boring is that? Plus, I think you miss so much. They wouldn't hear the raven talking to them. They probably wouldn't see the lizard scurry from shade to shade crack. They would smell engine smell over the smell of the river. And their hearts wouldn't feel the river flow. almostup
As I believe people are entitled to their opinions, they are entitled to their hobbies. But as they are entitled, I am entitled to bitch as well so that is what I am doing.
But I would much more prefer those two photos above to what they are seeing. Just what my heart beckons for. What does your heart sing for?
Jenna had a story of her hike as well.

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