Sunday, March 06, 2005

Sunday Stroll

I awoke this morning with the first toilet flush. I live in a dorm and any sound brings me out of my sleep and into the world of the next day. The first thing I normally do upon awaking and actually climbing out of bed is open the blinds to see what the day holds for me in terms of weather. The sky was blue and cloudless and it looked like it would be a good one. I could hear the C. Creek flowing across the street and in some sense I could taste the refreshing water in my lungs each time I took a breath. Oh yea, I believe it would be a good day. I am amazed at how green it is here coming from the desert, even though from what I understand the Arizona desert is green as well right now. The flowers are blooming here and the water is running in the creeks. From what I have been told except all that to go away in the next month. So I am trying to get the photos to see now. Photo blog site

Like I said, I awoke this morning and opened the blinds. I sat down at the computer to check email and looked out the window. There were five turkeys gobbling down the road toward The OP Trail I am sure to do some hiking. And then I watched the LE vehicle race down the road with lights flashing. Um, must be something happening in the area. 5 minutes later the rotor blades of a helicopter could be heard. When I went up to the VC to sign some paperwork, an ambulance and fire truck were in our parking lot. Welcome to the first touron of the season for me. This guy was staying in the campground and woke up his friends and said I believe I need some medical attention. They said ok and turned over and went back to sleep. So he drove past the telephone, out of the campground, and into the park where he then collapsed in pain at the front door of the VC. The VC doesn't open until 9am. Oh yea, he was also five feet from another phone. The maintenance staff went and got the person scheduled to work the VC who then called a ranger. And touron was then flown out. Possible appendices. Little to say, I didn't get the paperwork signed.

So later in the day after awaking from my nap, I walked up the BG trail to the VC to sign the paperwork.


The park was very busy today and I am amazed that this is our busy season rather than in the summer. I guess it is too hot for the state's people then, but I think it is because everything is in bloom and the water is flowing. Supposedly when the creek across the street stops flowing on top, you can lay on the ground and hear it flowing underground. I can't wait for that.


Anyway, I saw a ton of people on the trail I walked today and they don't seem to be that friendly of people either. But that's fine with me. I have other things to think about than saying hi to strangers.


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