Wednesday, May 11, 2005

California Drivers

When I lived in Arizona when someone quick stopped a Stop Sign, we called it a California Stop. I am not sure why. Probably because we knew back then they were crazy drivers. Now I live in this crazy ass driving place.

The last town I came from held 7,000 locals, more than several stop lights, a lot of California stop signs, a lot more yield signs at intersections, and a speed limit that was followed by locals, but usually not visitors. Of course most of the visitors were foreigners hailing from the Autobahn, which I believe is much like the California interstates. So little to say, my driving was more like Driving Miss Daisy.

Now, I live in a park with about 20 residents plus some in the campground and most of us do the speed limit in the park. But as soon as I turn onto Highway Speed Zone, my palms start to sweat and my heart races like I just have 20 Starbucks double triple whatevers. The crotchrockets rocket by me because I am doing the speed limit and still admiring the green rolling hills. They aren't aggressive. At least not on that road. They normally wait until safe to pass and pass in passing zones. I've only had one close encounter and I wasn't driving. The motorcyclist would have definitely died if my driver would not have reacted probably.

So I head north on Highway SZ into a city of 35,000 people. By the time I hit the city limits, my clothing is drenched with sweat and it isn't because it is hot out because I have yet to feel hot here even though I am constantly reminded it will get hot. The reason is because it has 28,000 more people than my town. I am constantly calling my friends that live in cities and ask how the heck (I normally use the f-word though) do you live in something this big.

Californians have yet to realize that the stick like thing coming out of the leftside of the steering column is used to signal they are fricking turning one direction or the other or changing lanes. I've seen about two people use them. Blinkers were used to send coded messages, especially between ships, to avoid interception of radio signals during World Wars I and II. So they've been along quite a long time. I couldn't find the exact date that Ford put them on his vehicles. (Yea, I didn't search that hard either)

Remember how I said the drivers above weren't aggressive. Well, wait until you get into the city over 35,000. Because if you are kind enough to allow someone to pull into traffic that probably has been waiting 20 minutes at the exit of Starbucks, you get honked at for being courteous. And then the honker normally gets my hurt finger waved that them. Why honk? Wouldn't you like the same damn courtesy?

And low and behold that they give some slack to an out of state individual. Hell no, it is worse because I have another state plate. Wait until I move back to that state and Californians come visit. I am pulling over each and everyone of them because I know their asses will be speeding.

I attempt to do the speed limit because in my profession a ticket means big trouble. But I get other's hurt fingers waved at me or looks or honks.

But I just continue to be Miss Daisy.

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