Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Known Unknown Man

I would say it was about 10 years ago when he walked into my life. Well, he didn't really walk in. Came into my life would be a better sentence.

I went into one of those chatrooms. I can't remember if it was a Romance or General one, but I used to go into them to just chat and see where people were from. Once in a great while I would catch someone from my hometown and eventually figure out we knew each other.

That's where we met. I am pretty sure I initiated the conversation. I know why I initiated the conversation because his screen name had the word cowboy in front of it. I didn't care what came before the cowboy or what came after. I was after the word cowboy. Hell, we all know women can't resist that Wrangle ass. So I sent him a PM (Private message) and we started chatting.

Eventually, we added each other to our messengers and we would frequently chat well into the night. We talked about everything there was to talk about. Except sex. We never went that route like most chatroom conversations go.

He has walked me through heartache, love sickness, depression, deaths, and everything else in between. He's helped me endure the life that I live. He's given me pointers on chess and shooting. He's helped me realize that a relationship is a good thing sometimes. He's listen to be babble about being in love. Listen to me call men assholes. Explained to me why some men are assholes and to please not put all men in that category. Mostly, he has just listened.

And I think he does that with a lot of us.

He's went AWOL from my life before. And in knowing what he does for a living I am always concerned. When the war picked up, I feared he would be sent overseas. And he hoped he would. He would rather be with his brothers than watching from afar. He's helped me understand war in some way. He's helped me understand life in some way.

He is pretty smart as I quiz him on my daily words from MSN and he mostly knows them. He seems to have been around the block but not in a bad way. He plays a mean game of chess. He sometimes loses to me, a female. And doesn't come up with excuses when I do win.

He's explained, actually tonight, why my ass is getting bigger and how to reduce it in size. I was mighty grateful to him for that. He is so honest and that is what is great about him. He won't lead you down the wrong path.

I hope to someday meet him in person. We've talked about it before. Just two people finally meeting to tie the whole friendship together. So I can actually meet the man who has helped me be the person I am meant to be.

Thanks... Cowboy

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