Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Cousin's Visitation by Jenna

My cousins have come to visit me while their dad is in Washington DC visiting the president. Their names are Hershey and Snickers. They are two chocolate labs.

Hershey is the oldest of our group at about 8 years old. But he is much older because he was a working hunting dog and it makes dogs older. He walks slower and doesn't run as much as Snickers and I do. He usually hangs out with the people and makes sure they are making it. With Mom having a hurt toe right now she is a lot slower so Hershey is her keeper right now.

Snickers is what mom calls a little shit. Of course she should know because that is what everyone still calls her. Anyway, the dog's dad gets up early every morning so they figure it should be the same while they are staying with us. Mom isn't a morning person and to be honest neither am I. So we've elected Snickers to be the one to jump in her face between 530-6AM. It gets her moving quicker so we can go for a morning swim. Snickers is more my age so we have been having a blast.

We have been getting two swims a day. One really early in the morning thanks to Snickers and then one in the afternoon. On this morning's walk, we met the cleaning lady with her dogs. They are fun for a while but then Harley gets all defensive and starts acting like a bitch. Harley is a good punting dog, but unfortunately I don't know how to kick.

I normally lead the pack because this is my terrority. But geez those boys stop and pee quite a bit. I mean we are constantly stopping to sniff something. Then Snickers pees on it and then Hershey pees on the same spot. What is with boys.

This morning we walked all the way up to the Beaver pond, but didn't see the Beaver, but just the Beaver dam. Mom decided she would stop there because she didn't think she should try the water crossings with her shoe. Come to think of it, it would not have mattered since we drenched her feet during the retrieving activity. I have to say I am learning from the two duck dogs how to retrieve and bring back the stick to my masters. Wait, I am the master. Well you know what I mean.

We spent about an hour and half up the creek. Of course to us that is not long enough. Hopefully after mom goes grocery shopping, we can head back up to either the creek or lake for more swimming. After taking orders from Mom so she could get a photo with us, we came home and had breakfast and are taking a nap. By the way, the boys also snore loudly!

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