Thursday, May 18, 2006

Here It Goes Again

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Friday I drive an hour and half to have that toe operated on again. Hopefully this will be the last time ever. Not sure if they will be taking the edge off, but I am not looking forward to the operation. The receptionist said I would be on my feet the next day. I am still having the doctor's note saying "I HAVE TO WEAR TEVAS TO WORK FOR WEEKS, NO MONTHS".

We are driving up early to do some big city shopping. Then we are coming straight home as I will be required to lay with my foot in the air. Oh boy I am looking so forward to tomorrow.

UPDATE: The appointment went just fine. I had a little anxiety about the whole deal, but you can't blame me considering this was my 35th shot and 3rd time of having this done. I didn't even cuss when the shots went into the nerves. Then he showed me the nail he pulled off. And that was about it.

Today, I soaked my foot to take the gauze off. The dog drank the water after I moved and gagged in doing so. Anyway, then I had to clean it with cotton balls. I couldn't do it so BF had to. BF's son had some friends over so BF said "if you hear screaming behind closed doors, it is because we are cleaning the nailbed." It was painful, but not unbelieably. I have yet to take a pain killer today, but the day is still early.

My problem is that when I am required to stay in bed, I have a hard time doing so. Any other day, I could stay in bed all day because I don't have to, but today I want to get up and do things. I want to go to work, but BF is saying no and I know deep down within 20 minutes of going to work, I'd be screaming anyway. So two more days of keeping the foot up and reading, watching tv, and making my way back and forth from the bathroom.

At least it gives me time to check other's sites.

UPDATE #2: I have reached the point of I can't be in bed anymore. My back is killing me and I am pretty sure I am developing bed soars. Tomorrow, hurting or not, I am heading back to work because I am going insane in this house. People better not piss me off because every one will be getting tickets. Have a good day.

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