Thursday, February 08, 2007


Matted Spam over yonder Tagged Me. I have to say it is the first time I have realized that I have been tagged. I don't keep up every day or week with my blog friends so I might have been tagged before and never realized it. And then again, I asked her if she actually meant me.

I'm supposed to list 6 weird things about me then tag 6 other people. I am pretty normal, but what the heck...And you six have been tagged...

Mary Whines

1. Like Matted, I am an organization freak. I would say I am borderline OCD (obessive complusive disorder). I actually wrote that in a job application recently. I once had an anxiety attack over the soap being on the wrong side of the sink.

2. I dip my grilled cheese sandwiches, made only on white bread with sliced Kraft cheese, in ketsup. Where I learned it I don't know because my sister, Amy, who had a strong hand in my upbringing doesn't do it.

3. I have been reincarnated. I truly believe that I was once Joan of Arc because I can't stand fire.

4. I have 10 toes, but only 9 toenails. Which I don't think that is quite that weird, but I am digging here.

5. I am the youngest of 7. And in some ways the blacksheep---5 tattoes, belly button piercing, and work 1/2 a year.

6. I am an overachiever. Which might not sound weird, but I am taking two online course this semester and was primarily finished with them before they even started. I asked my teacher if I was the only one who did that and he said yes.

And those are my stupid 6 weird things.

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