Thursday, July 22, 2010

Good-bye PINN, Hello LARO

HUH?  Good-bye where, Hello where.  The NPS has developed a system of acronyms for everything.  Each park has a four letter cord.  Primarily it is either the first 4 letters of the name or the first 2 if the park has two words.  For example, Arches National Park is ARCH and Grand Canyon National Park is GRCA.  Of course there are funny ones like LAME-Lake Mead National Recreation Area.  All confusing, but once in the system actually pretty easy.

So I am heading up to LARO to start a new job.  Technically I started on Sunday, but I was still on vacation and then I had two days off and the movers don't come until tomorrow, Friday.  To answer your question...No, I did not get transferred.  In this case, I am making a lateral move.  Primarily, LARO had an opening and my boyfriend wanted me a little closer so he told them I worked in law enforcement.  I sent up my resume and they hired me.  So I am moving up to a new job and to participate in more bedsport with my boyfriend.  I'm excited, nervous, and overjoyed.  I'm going to freeze my ass off and hopefully some other fat portions of my body.

But I am leaving a park that has grown on my in several ways.  There are definitely things I am going to miss and definitely things I won't miss.  And most likely the things I won't miss will be present at my other job so I won't discuss them.  What is it I'll miss....

Well those times when the new intern/SCA shows up and I get to welcome them with my attitude and scare the shit out of them.  Every intern that I've come in contact with has some story about their first meeting of them.  Wimps!  I know Jenna is going to miss them as well because it was them that always would watch her while I was away or take her for walks when I had to work the late shift.  Sometimes I think they are going to miss Jenna more than me.  But I am sure my new park will have some SCAs I can welcome.

Over the years I have made friends with visitors that have come back year after year.  And I am going to miss their Thanksgiving dinners, cocktails, and good spirits.  But again I am sure I might have the chance to meet some new (types) of visitors at LARO. I am going to miss stopping to show visitors a California condor fly overhead or to give my 10 minute informal Interpretation program on them.   I am going to miss those good Mexican BBQs each weekend at the Moses Springs day use area.  The carne asada always makes my mouth water.

I am definitely going to miss the people I have come to work with and gotten to know in the community.  The housing area I lived in was a little community in itself.  We were always having potlucks, or I was always cooking for the housing family, parties (too many damned themed ones), and just nights of fun.  I am definitely going to miss the people of the community--the ranchers/homesteaders around the corners who allowed Jenna and I to run freely on their property, to swim in their ponds, and allow me to assist with eating the food at the brandings.  Oh yea, I'll be back for the brandings for sure.

Yep, I am going to miss PINN in many ways.  But I'm on to my next adventure in life.  The vehicle is packed to the ground, the movers come tomorrow, and I'll be on the open road by Saturday.

Until the next park....

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