Thursday, September 09, 2010

Uncourageous Murderer

I have never understood murder because in all sense it does not accomplish a damn thing.  In most cases, the killer gets caught and ends up spending time in jail.  Another lost cause along the road of life.  And no one grieves for the killer.  I mean when the killer shoots the quiet victim and solves whatever conflict there was, the killer didn't only shoot the victim, but every person in the victim's life will forever be changed.  And in all actuality, the killer also affects every person in the killer's life.

I grew up in a small town where you always say, shit like murder doesn't happen in our town.  But it did.  Back when I was in high school or may be a freshman in college, Kevin S. was murdered in our small little town. I am sure there might have been others before Kevin, but I remember it as my first 'real life murder victim' that I knew.

In 2009, I returned home from a wonderful weekend on the coast to find posting after posting of "I'll miss you Matt".  And then I was told Matt who.  I remember saying to my boyfriend that a friend of mine was murdered.  He immediately offered up his free ticket and I made arrangements to go to the service.  I have a picture in my head how it went down. I can see Matt standing at the door with the guy.  And then BLAM.  I do not remember the dickhead who shot him, but he is the most uncourageous, ball-less man in my book.   Because after shooting Matt over a trivial matter he should have cleared up by other means, he went home and put a bullet to his own head.  Leaving behind a wife and child.  However, Matt left behind not only his daughter, brother, parents, and other family, but 100s of people from all walks of life who loved him with all their hearts because that is how he loved them.  Matt still has his FB page and we still drop by to say hi to him, tell him we miss him, and ask for him to look down upon us and make us save.  We still love him, cry for him, and wish every day he was here.

I was laying in a hotel room watching the news when a flash of Lake Havasu hit the screen:  Six dead in shooting.  WHAT THE FUCK!  The worst tragedy in Lake Havasu history.   Well, unfortunately Havasu is not the small town it once was.  I didn't know any of the victims, but it doesn't matter to me.  This is more about the murderer.  See what Brian Diez did was walk into a home where six adults and two children were celebrating a birthday and shot all six adults.  One survived and was able to make the phone call to police.  She is in the hospital in critical condition. Brian then kidnapped the kids and drove to California.  Where he then put a bullet in his head.  WHAT THE FUCK!  Did you solve by killing the children's mother and then killing yourself, the father?  So not only did you affect the entire lives of an entire community let alone the family and friends of who you murdered, but you've left two innocent young children without parents.  And I hope that neither child had to witness what took place in that house because if they did, they will remember for the rest of their lives.   Two children who will grow up not fully knowing their parents.

And all this out of jealously.  None of these murders solved a damn thing in life, but to cause more tragic in the lives of so many.

Rest in Peace all and please look down upon us as if we knew you forever!

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