Thursday, March 03, 2011

I'm Searching....or may be wandering

The year was 2000 and a conversation with a friend about an old school chum made me give away or sell off most of my life for a simpler life.  And when I did so, I felt a huge weight lifted off my chest.  The funny thing is that my life at the time was great so it is interesting that the elephant was lifted.  I got rid of my cable, sold off over 500 cds, quit wearing a watch, and some how enjoyed life so much more. I got a tattoo of a symbol that stood for Simplicity.   I started listening to Christian music which is very surprising because I am not religious at all.

About this time I started exploring different churches.  I was born into a Catholic family and had actually started going to the exercise session every Sunday.  Then I decided I would try some other churches.  I cruised over to the Black Baptist with my friend.  I was not the only white person there, but I did crack a joke and asked if the white people did sit up in the balcony.  I attempted to go to the Church of Scientology, but they were never open.  I also dropped in at a Mormon church while working in Utah.  That was interesting.  I  However what I found in all the visits was that they were primarily the same.

But then the same person who I had a conversation about the school chum turned me onto Buddhism and the likes.  And I started reading The Miracle of Mindfulness, books on Tao, and the Buddhist bible.  That is when my spirit started to really soar.  I even went out to a temple in Arizona, but I couldn't get myself into the lotus position.  Shortly afterward I moved to Utah.


And then I started hiking to some amazing places and walking with the spirits of the ancients ones.  And my spirit soared even more and I felt I was one with myself.  And for me it was truly a religious experience.

And then somehow I backed away from it all.  Not that my life spiraled downward or anything like that, but I guess my spiritualness was lost.  Left hanging out in the wings for me to find it.  And so I'm starting to search for it.  One of the reasons I am starting to delve into the religious realm again is because in the last several months I have listened to some people talk about theirs lives.  Two of those people were officers that were shot during stops and in both incidents they credited their belief in their faith for getting them through it all.

So in the last couple of months, I've been talking to my guru about it all.  He is a wonderful friend who is religious in all senses, but can also hold a conversation without the mention of God once.  Obviously, in our discussions lately we've been discussing what people call God and faith.  Not once has he ever slammed his religious beliefs down my throat, but he questions, challenges, and throws out some ideas that make me think um, well, may be, or definitely not.  So thanks Pastor or Reverend.

Today on the all famous FB, I posted the question to friends about God.  Of the 16 comments so far, 12 of you went with God or some form of it.  To me, it was the seat belt, but thanks for your honesty.  What I am curious about is why you believe so highly in God or a higher being?  Comment on here or drop me a note either at FB or if you have my email.

On with my search.

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