Thursday, January 05, 2012

The Big Chill

I believe one of the greatest movies ever made is the Big Chill.  I realize some people don't think so, but I love the movie.  One of those I could watch over and over.  Do you know Kevin Costner is in that movie.  He is Alex.  In the beginning of the movie, the group of friends receive telephone calls and then start preparing to go to a funeral. 

As many if not all of you know that I wear the green and grey to work every day.  I will admit that during the winter, I rarely change my shirt, and hell in the summer I just spray febreze on it.  It is called laziness.  Otherwise I have to take off the name tag, badge, and all the stuff in the pockets and move it all to another shirt.  Um, yea like a 2 minute project, but as I said laziness. 

Every time I prepare my uniform shirt for my Monday after my weekend or a vacation, the beginning of the Big Chill always rolls through my mind.  I do not know why but it always has. 

As you know on January 1, 2012 the National Park Service lost another fine Park Ranger, Margaret Anderson.  I did not go back to work until January 4th, which if you are still a friend of mine on fb, you know it is the greatest day in the world or my birthday. 

As I dressed that day for work and slipped the black elastic band over my badge, I thought back to the beginning of the Big Chill.  I stood there getting dressed looking out the the window to the most beautiful scenery.  The words that flashed through my mind at that moment were not what I expected...

"This might be my last"

It wasn't really a mordid thought, it was just a truth.  However, I do not think Margaret woke up January 1st and thought that. 

I have decided for my birthday and for the rest of my life, I will celebrate every morning that I wake up.  Life is a celebration so CELEBRATE while you have it. 

Peace -  The grey and green

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