Sunday, January 01, 2012

Envy My Job?

I agree that I have worked in some of the greatest and beautiful locations in the United States.  I can see why you envy my job at times.  Most of the time I post the bonuses of my job...the hikes, the beauty, the quietness, the peace...well technically the good side.  And most other rangers will post the same thing. 

What we don't normally post is the law enforcement side of our job.  We don't talk about getting yelled at by irate visitors because we pulled them over for traveling 60 mph in a 35.  We don't talk about the high speed chases and taking out individuals at gunpoint.  We don't talk about going into the marijuana grow and having shots fired at us.  We don't talk about protecting the park, but in reality protecting the U.S. border (  We don't talk about having to handcuff, search, and take people to jail.  We don't talk about having to search some of the most disgusting vehicles.  We don't talk about having to do CPR on a person for 40 minutes knowing damn well that person is going to die.We don't talk about the 12 hour hike to attempt to find a lost person.  We don't talk about the pucker factor.  Those things aren't beautiful and peaceful to me or you. 

United States Park Rangers handle calls just like the city officers.  Some will say we don't deal with murders, but unfortunately we do....

- Rest in Peace Margaret

- Rest in Peace Kris

- Rest in Peace Joe

- Rest in Peace Steve

- Rest in Peace Kenneth

- Rest in Peace Robert

- Rest in Peace James

- Rest in Peace Karl

Please read each one and remember.  They all hit a cord within me, but Steve's is always on the front of my mind when dealing with visitors for non-violent incidents. 

I only listed the ones I could find in the NPS, but there are many more in the land management field (Forest Service, BLM, State Park Rangers) and honestly any other agencies.  When Brody was shot one year ago, it was amazing how many agencies and individuals who had never met Brody sent him well wishes, prayers, and thoughts.  Even today on Brody's facebook page, there is people who stop by to say a kind word.  The law enforcement world, whether protecting a city or a park, is a family.  The quote below says it all....

"When a police officer is killed, it's not an agency that loses an officer, it's an entire nation." -Chris Cosgriff, ODMP Founder

So I guess I ask you envy my job?

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