Monday, December 05, 2011

December 17, 2001

I'm sitting at NH well aware of ME.  Aware I'm sitting here ocassionally watching the game, catching a glimpse of a layup.  Heads up when the rim snaps.  Just aware.  So aware of all the sounds and noise.  Aware.  Yea, just aware.  That's what life must be.  Aware and that equals being mindful.  Today-that's what life has been.  Just completely mindful of everything.  From waking up to the quiet sun to doing my laundry to watching the movie.  Tomorrow, not too far away, will I remember it all?  A little, but why because it is yesterday and I'm only living todays now.  Smile.  Today, and what a day today has been.  It has been all me.  And so mindful.  The weather was just perfect.  Spending time with friends.  Just quality time-talking life but mindful of that life.  Just smiles of the day.

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