Friday, December 02, 2011

December 12, 2001

What is life? I need to know to live it, achieve it, be it.  Guess I'm living it and somehow achieving it.  Yea, I'm being it.  Weird how your mind questions such trivial things.  Life is breathing-waking up each morning, falling asleep each night, and going onto the next day-tomorrow. 

A great philosopher once told me to just keep waking up and everything works out eventually.  Funny how it worked.  Think I even argued his point.  But I did keep waking up even though quite difficult and one day everything hit, clicked.  I'm not saying life is 100% on the up and up, but it is going up.

Sometimes I feel like I got life all figured out.  And I'm living it right, properly.  I'm living today.  However I am dying as well.  Each morning I wake up, a piece of me was left with yesterday.  As I strive to live today, yesterday is just a diminishing memory.  For the memory might ride with me to my death, but that is all it is. 

Anyway, I realized waking up is a great thing even if quite difficult at times.  Waking up is a key ingredient in my purpose.  Kind of I guess.  Because if I did not wake up then I would have ultimately achieved my purpose.

Always hear "you learned something new everyday".  Yes, but don't you find the smallest things you learned, the most important?  Well may not the most important, but you always say "I've learned something new today".  And that might be something as simple as blocking your # on your cell phone.  However all through the day you were learning and gathering, calculating, remembering, and storing.  More or less, living and as more important information was stored, others were discarded to the grave-dead so to speak.  Life and living it is a marvelous entity.

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