Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Morning awakens to construction

I hear the voices before I even open my eyes.  It is as if they are inside my bedroom.  I do not need to look at the clock to know it is approximately 645am.  The voices belong to Jake and Joe (obviously not their real names because I do not even know the men).  But I feel like I should because I hear them inside my bedroom many of mornings.  The conversation goes something like this:
Jake:  Hey Joe, going into town do you need me to pick up anything.
Joe:    Yea, how about a cup of coffee and a donut.
Jake: Sure thing.  Does Jim Bob want any thing?
There are probably 50 men and women that work on the road construction on the major highway that runs in front of my house and all their radios are on the outside of their rigs.  Now, Jake does not ask all of them but it sure seems like it at 645am.  I am not a morning person.  Sometimes I want to walk out to the vehicle, turn on my PA system, and ask Jake to pick me up some OJ and a crossiant and while you are at it can you pick up my mail and some groceries for dinner tonight.  However, I usually roll over and fall back to sleep.
Shortly thereafter the pounding starts in my head.  Now if it is my day off that pounding will continue the entire day until about 6pm.  It is amazing to me how quiet this place gets except for the occasional semi using engine brakes after the men and women of road construction leave. 
That constant pounding is 2-3 jackhammer tractors destroying the hill across the road to widen the highway to 4 lanes.  Just when I feel it has been pounded into nothing they continue to pound away.  How in the hell can they sit there for about 10 hours a day and just pound away.  Do you think they go home with headaches?  Hell, I am with a headache all day until they leave and it quickly vanishes. 
One time we were in the grocery store and BF was still in uniform.  One of the guys from the construction said you would probably know this and asked BF a question.  I said do you work for the road construction on the highway.  He said yes.  I said well you will probably know this---is there a reason you have to have your radios on the outside of your vehicles so that it wakes my ass up at 645am when Jake asks Joe if he needs coffee.  All he could really say is 'well that isn't me'.  Thanks that helped. 
What gets me is when you drive by this construction and see about 10 guys standing around a truck.  What the hell is their job and how much do they get paid?  Because that seems like a good gig. Stand around all day and get paid.  Uh.  Then we have the stop/slow sign holders.  We had these two guys out front the area for months on end.  They were great.  They waved at people, smiled at you, and when stopping you had conversations with you.  Now we have the Nazi patrol out there.  They don't smile, wave, and think they have the authority of a president.  They give you the wave down slow down.  Sometimes I want to roll down the window and say 'The speed limit is 40 and that is exactly what I was doing so what the frick are you waving at me for'.  Lady, I have lived with this construction for a year and I know the speed limit quite well.  Get over it if I look like I am doing 60 because larger vehicles sometimes look like they are going faster.  But instead I just smile and wave.  Oh and when you are waiting in line because they have traffic stopped they will not look at you because they are afraid you are going to blow up at them.  Let talk about a boring ass job. 
And coworkers and friends can't understand why I sleep at my BF's every night.  Shit, I hope my father doesn't read this. 

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