Thursday, July 01, 2004

The world of fire

Well I survived. Mostly because I did not go on the line and fight the actual fire. I was sent down to be an EMT on the line and would only be going into the black if there was a medical problem. I have been on small fires before, but nothing to this extent. And I have been on a fire detail where the guys would get fire woodies when they saw smoke. I did not understand it then and I don't understand it now. I don't understand why people get excited about rushing out to a fire where it is like 900 million degrees and trying to put it out. Fire is a lot of waiting. You rush out there and you wait. Just a lot of waiting. But anyway, I said I would go on the fire because my boss likes fire. I drove 7.5 hours to the fire. And I drove to the fire during the night and I guess I could see a little why the boys get fire woodies because it was pretty cool seeing the fire off in the distance. I arrived in camp at 1030pm on Sunday evening.

It was dark and didn't do much but pee and climb into the Dodge to sleep. The next morning I woke up to an entire fire camp. It was crazy. There were showers, catering, supplies, information center, medical tent, etc, etc. It is crazy. I checked in with the medical unit and was told I would be sent out on the line just in case. No problem. And what did I do out there? I sat there, sweating, reading, checking voicemail, reading, drinking, talking to others, etc. Can I say I was bored out of my mind!!! The next day I did the same but went to another part of the fire. Tuesday, I had a partner with me so I had someone to talk to more. I could also do some sleeping. I listened to the XM radio. As I flipped through the channels of the XM, Glen finally said I bet you are really fun to watch television with. I said actually BF can't stand watching TV with me. Oh well. Wednesday, we did the same thing. And today, Thursday, we did the same thing. I did more sleeping today though. We did not have one incident out on the line which is a good thing. There were a few dehydration cases, but they hauled their asses out on their own. Our mission out there was actually pointless because all of the Hotshot teams had EMTs and medics with them. But I can't complain for getting paid good money to read, sleep, pee, drink, read, sleep, pee, drink, and on and on.

I head back to the other side of Utah tomorrow taking my sweet time. Getting in the most of my hours. Glad to be sleeping in my own bed where the dust isn't flying all day and the world doesn't smell like a campfire.

Hope everyone has a safe and great Fourth of July. Be care with those fireworks...last year they started 24,000 fires and more than 8000 people were injured.

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