Sunday, March 26, 2006

Collin Springs Canyon

I had been there before. I had traveled down the canyon solo before. I had been told to go to The Narrows and I had. But when I came out of The Narrows, I had seen a ruin. And back then, 3 years ago, I had attempted to get up to the ruin. Like I said I was solo and the climb I was about to partake in could have been fatal if I had fell. And for once, I listened "Polly Q would not approve". So I left the cliff ledge defeated always saying I would return with someone to at least break my fall.

And so I returned with BF, son, and his friend and of course the dog, Jenna. As we were driving out I said I hope no cars are there. We arrived to find two of them and when we left there were 3 additional ones. We actually only saw two people hiking and two at the trailhead so it was a good day.

Our first stop into the canyon was an old cowboy camp. There are still some pots hanging and a lot of trash from the olden days. We walked down to The Narrows again and initially I could not find the ruin when we first got there. I said that was the one place I wanted to make even though with two young boys, I was pretty sure we wouldn't make it. But we did. Around the corner of those Narrows was one of my favorite rock art panels. And so we arrived.

And the Narrows were blocked with water. Me, planning for the weather, had zip off pants and sandals of course. So I said I would wade around, see how deep it was, and the boys could strip down to their boxers. Now, I had to really go around the corner because the young boys are shy in their boxers. It was easy to walk to the corner, but around the corner was another story. And then the boys heard the splash as I went for it. It actually was walk-able, but it did not look like it. And I am not 6'1" like BF. As the boys continued to strip down, I found a log to help, but the boys didn't use it on the way over. BF made some reference to the fact that his 'boys' had headed north probably behind his lungs. Thank goodness I don't have to deal with those.

After the swim, we climbed up the trail and then up on the ledge. It drove Jenna insane because she could not get up on the ledge. As we walked down the ledge, she walked below following us the

entire way. The rock art was, well I really can't explain what it is in words.... Just something special about it. My favorite is the 'clan' holding hands. Check out more photos at: UtahAdventures

And then it was time to return to the water's edge and scream across it again. Friend was not real happy about having to go through it again so I helped him out. He still had to wade through the water, but at least it helped a little. Son jumped right in. My shirt had gotten wet on the way over because when I tried to throw it across it didn't make it. Lucky for me, I was prepared and had long-sleeve shirt in my pack.

As the boys were getting dressed and we were warming up by eating chocolate chip cookies, I looked up to see the ruin. We arrived at the ledge where I had attempted my defeat before. There below the ledge as before was a stack of rocks to step on. Now, I was a little more prepared this time as I had a rope with me. And BF had one as well. See the two of us always end up usually having to use them for some reason or another. So we attempted to gain access again. I mean people have to get up there otherwise there wouldn't be this pile of rocks tempting us. We were defeated once more, but it is now our mission to get up there. And eventually, we will succeed.

We started around the ledge and were working our way down, when Jenna freaked out and wouldn't go down this one section. We've decided to start bringing her life jacket that has a handle on it. And I know some of you are saying why does she have a life jacket, but we take her white water rafting so she needs one. Anyway, Jenna and I backtracked as the boys went forth. Luckily I caught up to them because they were heading up the wrong canyon. Males and directions. Anyway, the boys were starting to um, yea whine, by the time we were nearing the car, but we kept egging them on reminding them of the sodas in the car and waving the bag of Jenna's poop at their heads. And we eventually made it back.

Although the hike was no more than 6 miles round-trip we are all exhausted. Jenna came straight in the house and went straight to her bed and is already snoring away.

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