Friday, March 17, 2006

Two View Points

The alarm sounds and I cringe. I normally roll over and exclaim that I HATE MORNINGS. Sometimes I add the F-word in the mix. But I truly hate mornings. I think the day should start in the afternoon. But of course then I would probably hate afternoons. I think more than anything I hate getting out of bed. So that alarm sounds and I know I should get out of bed, eat, and go exercise, but this bed is too comfortable to move. The dog has other plans.

If I just jump on the bed with my paws in her face, she will wake up even more and take me some place. Any place. I don't care as long as we go out farther than the backyard.

I crack my body starting at my toes and finally wiggle out of bed. Oh boy oh boy, this has potential. I walk slowly around the house trying to wake up all senses and finally decide to eat a banana. I ask the dog if she wants to go for a run. She just wags her tail. I'm not sure if she actually understands it or if she wags her tail whenever she knows you are talking to her.

Of course I want to go for a run, walk, skip, or anything else rather than laying in this damn house watching you blog. Remember when I wanted to go for a walk so bad, I chewed through the telephone cord. ARF ARF.

I get dressed in my hot running pants and a shirt. Attempt to find my socks as the dog likes to steal them. And get my shoes.

Ok this looks positive. I already have on my collar so there is no guarantee I'm going, but it is looking positive. Everyone has on their shoes, but often times they leave me in the mornings. The door is open. See humans when my head is cocked this way, it is asking DO I GET TO GO, DO I? Did I just hear the magic word. I need to get out of the door quickly. Yippie I made it.

Ah, I am in the vehicle driving to the run spot. Still have no motiviation whatsoever. The dog knows geography quite well because as soon as I turn on the road, she goes insane.

Oh boy oh boy, we are going to the place where I chased the rabbit and got hit by the car. Yippie. I love this place because I don't have to be on a leash. Of course after the rabbit incident, I do for a little bit.

I step out and close the door. Bitch, why aren't I am getting out. I am in the car still. I want to go running. Let me out. Oh, you were just letting me out not on the street side. Nice lady. And I start running. My legs scream out in pain and say lets go back to bed, but the songs of the MP3 push me on.

Gotta stay ahead, gotta stay ahead. No human can be ahead of me. The dog stops to pee or sniff and then I hear the chain jingle and cringe because I know she is going to clip me from behind. Why does she have to be ahead of me? What is the thinking in that. Why is this person running today. Before when she ran I was tethered to her. But now I am running myself into the ground because I always have to be ahead.

Off the roads and onto the trails, down the hills, up the hills, and then 40 minutes later arrive back near the car. And the dog is walking right next to me. She knows that after getting hit by the car in the area she is not allowed to chase mean rabbits. Or is it that she is damn tired because I ran 2 miles and she ran 4 or more.

Boy just get me home. I am hungry and thirsty, and hell I am exhausted. We return to the house and both grab some breakfast. I climb back into bed and she falls to the floor in exhaustion. I hope she doesn't tell the man human we went for a run because then I will get another one when he gets home.

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