Thursday, March 09, 2006

Historical Tequila Moment

For my going away party from California, I suggested we go the Tequila Bar up the road so it wouldn't be one of those dull boring potlucks that most going away parties had been. Well, I should say the ones I attended in California were because prior ones in Utah, Mormonville, were not. Well, of course most of those at the Utah potlucks weren't Mormons so that explains it. Anyway, the plan was to go to the Tequila Bar.

Then I made the mistake of telling Linda that I had never in my life done a Tequila shot. And well it was on that I was going to have to take that first shot with my California family.

The day finally came and I had barely eaten all day so I had planned on getting some great Mexican food in my stomach before having that first shot. Guess what, the Guest of Honor, me, arrived late and so everyone else had already ordered. I mean I ordered, but the "Linda shot" was already on the way. Heck, I even had to be told how to lick, shoot, suck. And the historical moment...


I did finally get some food in me. And then I made a comment that I wanted everyone to do a shot with me. And even a 3 year old did one. Of course that was an accident because the waiter placed the little glass down in front of the child. Of course she thought it was a cool little water glass. Oops.

I got up to make my rounds to all the different tables to say my good-byes and take photographs. Everyone posed for me in a similar fashion as each one flipped me off over and over. I returned to my table to find another tequila shot with a note that said from Condor 307.

I also had two Coronas in there as well. The night was winding down, but Matt the Waiter brought one more from Cody the Dog. And I think it was that one that allowed me not to remember this photo...
I got in Court's new vehicle for the quick drive home. Actually he probably wasn't driving that fast, but the way I was feeling it felt like Mach 1. Anyway, as soon as I got into the car, Court asked where I was in feelings from a 1-10. I said about a 4. And we started driving. Within minutes I had to roll down the window. Court asked frequently about my level, but it never went above 5. And we made it home just fine.

We got home, Brant made more drinks, I drank them, and I answered a lot of questions from Court which I am sure is still being discussed today. But once again, it was a great send off and I don't think I even showed my mouse tattoo. Did I?

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