Monday, April 19, 2010

My Religion

Since I probably didn't explain myself about my religion, I will attempt to a little more....No, I still don't believe in God. I believe in the Moment. I believe I will be reincarnated into something greater in my next life. I am pretty sure I was Joan of Arc or a witch in a previous life because I hate fire. I wish I could live along the lines of Buddha and Taoism, but I fail often.

During a very spiritual time in my life while living in the beauty of Utah, I wrote this....

My religion isn’t to a deity

There are no sacrifices except myself

I don’t bow to an alter

I don’t pray on my knees

However each day I breathe

I feel the air on my skin

Smell the Earth and water

Sense the spirits of unknown

Earth is my religion

Waking up to see the beauty

Hearing the crickets in the night

Or the lizard’s scales on the leaves

Seeing the rabbits feeding on the grass

Or the bobcat on the slick rock

Those are my religion

Walking in canyons of grand walls

Seeing the writings of the ancient past

Observing the deer drinking peacefully

Listening to the quietness engulf me

That is what I consider my religion

The peace of complete serenity

I get when I open my eyes at 3am

While sleeping under a million stars

And hear the coyote yelp goodnight

My religion is that sense of peace

Being able to smell the sage bush

Or see the first buds of the Apache Plume

Hearing the ripples in the stream

Watching the fall leaves descend

This is my true religion

I guess in a sense I do pray

Whenever I’m communing with nature

For the one glimpse I haven’t seen

Whenever I climb upon the peaks

And see the most spectacular view

I realize that if I would succumb to death

I would be completely satisfied

Because I am one with the Earth

Which I consider my religion

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