Sunday, August 22, 2004

Add Sheep Herder to the Resume

Yesterday was a day where everything runs smoothly and nothing goes right. As you might know from the previous blog, I was stung on Thursday by a wasp/hornet. Wearing my duty gear and vest on Friday inflamed the spot to 3 times its size. On Friday, I also had a lecture from G-Baby about drinking water. That didn't got over well when I walked into the office with a coke in my hand. So yesterday I walked into his office and said since you are my supervisor today, I would just like to wear my gun because everything else is going to rub that sting to 10 times its size. He agreed and then said DRINK WATER. I showed him I had some. Reason I don't like to drink water is because it makes me pee and then I have to take all that damn life saving gear off. So I head out to work.

I headed into the park and started doing my patrol. At some point the SO called me and 10-36ed me. It is a welfare check. Then channel four (local) chimed.

G-Baby: 226/221
Me: 226.
G-Baby: You drinking water?
Me: Um, yea.
G-Baby: That would be a no.

Then Flapper got on the radio and said a bunch of stuff I couldn't understand, but I did catch "I am not going to carry your 10-130 (weight 10-code) out." I am grateful that she gave me a 130. I didn't hear her conversation because I was now dealing with 3 vans parked in the road taking photos. But I did start drinking my water.

I went and got the laptop because I had to pull some data from the traffic counter. The computer guys came on Friday and changed everything. I forgot to log in before unplugging the computer so when I got to the traffic counter, I couldn't do anything because it wouldn't let me log into the computer. So I went back to the cache, hooked the laptop back up, and logged in. I was doing the PP dance by this time. I took the main entrance road instead of the frontage road to miss the bumps. Mistake.

As I was sitting in Lane 1, Hypocrite (and that is not a slam against her) was jumping up and down trying to get my attention. She said the visitor in her lane had a motor vehicle accident late last night in the park and needed to file a report. I told her to tell them to meet me in the VC parking lot. I pulled in on our road. I almost thought of telling the individual that I was going to run over to my house to use the facilities, but thought I would make it through the report. PP dance getting more evident.

I finish the information taking and start driving to my house. Big Bear is walking up to the Library when I hear some sort of yelling at the Entrance Station. I thought they were calling his name, but when he walked up to the vehicle he said the sheep were crossing the road. So much for peeing. I turned around and started that way. Arch Hunter was out stopping outbound traffic. I went through the inbound lane. Critter Chaser was chasing the baby off the road. I pulled up along side the road and turned on the lights to get people to slow down. I looked over to the highway where about 6 vehicles were stopped filming and taking photos of the sheep.

The herd, 3 females and 2 youth, were split. Mom and baby were in the wash on the right side and 2 females and a youth were on the frontage road on the left side of the road. I ushered mom and baby further into the wash and then started to deal with the other three. I hit the siren and watched one of them look at me with this look of "you folks have tried the siren thing and it doesn't phase us anymore, retard". I got out of the vehicle. I was within 10 feet of the three. The one sided conversation went like this: Go. Right now go.

And the three started walking up into the hill. I was as surprised as you are. I walked over to the right side of the road where mom and youth were pondering the weeds. And that conversation went like this:

Hey, get up here.

They started up the rocks to our road. And then I told them to GO as well and they trotted into the road. I walked to within about 5 feet of Mom and said GO again and she went onto the frontage road. I got back into the vehicle as they were now walking down the frontage road. I chased them up the road toward Opie's house. And then let them be.

I bet I pissed off the vehicles parked on the highway, but after having one of the females hit last month, I don't care if the visitors don't get to see them for an hour. You know the motto: Protect the resources for future generations.

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