Monday, August 30, 2004

Tomorrow's Busy Day Off

Tomorrow's day off will start before 8am, but the real part will start at 8am. Because at 8am I will be going where I would say everyone in the world hates to go. The DENTIST. And the reason that dentists supposedly have the highest suicide rate of any profession is because everyone hates them. When I first went to this dentist I answered the following two questions like this:

How often do you floss? What is floss? The hygienist thought it was funny and said that my teeth weren't that bad.

Have you ever had a bad dentist experience? Yes, every dentist experience is bad. (To myself: except the oral surgeon who put me out and gave me good drugs for the pain)

So last night I thought I would give flossing a going. Lets back track 14 years or so...the typical teenager with braces, but mine were cool. When I finally got them off for the second time, they placed a permanent retainer on my bottom teeth. It spans across the front 6. I have always hated it for various reasons. One being that it is a bitch to floss behind it. Now flash back to last night...After last night, it really isn't that difficult anymore. I finagled the floss behind the retainer, flossed a tooth, and proceeded to move it over to the next tooth. OH SHIT. Now there are two pieces that are cemented to two teeth and then the bar goes across. Yea, it would have been great to snap off the piece cemented because they could just cement it back on. But NOOOOO, I had to snap the metal off the metal. I walk out to BF and say Houston, we have a problem. I could barely talk because the thing was sticking up and I was drooling. I was able to push it down and I guess secure it for the night. Although I am not sure how much metal I swallowed because shortly thereafter I pulled out a shaving of metal. I am alive though so doing well. I realized after chomping down on a Wendy's french frie that I will be having soup from Banditos tonight. They have great tortilla soup.

Anywho, I have an appointment at 8am tomorrow. I can just see the dentist pulling out a little welding torch. I called my orthodontist in Arizona and asked if I could just remove it. They said come in and we will have to see. I said sure, that is a 11 hour drive and I don't live in the same state. She suggested I keep it on so my teeth don't shift. What does she know? Of course last night I kept saying to BF that my teeth were moving. So that starts my day.

Well not really...but kind of...waking up starts the day...

The parentals are coming tomorrow afternoon for the interrogation dinner with the BF. This is their first time meeting him. Of course being SC (senior citizens) they are having trouble with his name. I am more nervous than he is. He just laughs about it all. My dad is a very direct person "Will you be able to support my daughter". HAHA. Mostly, he will ask that so I can get off his payroll. I have asked them to come after 3pm because

The housekeeper should be done cleaning the 500 square foot apartment. You think I am joking, however; I am completely serious. Having a housekeeper come to my apartment was the talk of headquarters when it first happened. I didn't understand what the big deal was. I have had a housekeeper my entire life. It is just normal life to me. I used to have some great ones that did my laundry as well, but I already did that today. So anyway, tomorrow before she comes I need to clean the place. WHAT? I know how that sounds. And when I was younger and my dad would say that to me, I never understood it until I realized that housekeepers move stuff and you can't find it. I am a very OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) person and kind of get freaked when they dust and don't put the things back in the right order. But then again, I can't complain too much. So I really don't have to clean, but straighten up.

I have to do a little grocery shopping because I don't stock food in my house. I never eat here anyway so I just have the staples: coke, pringles, some fruit, tortillas, cheese, coke, eggs, coke, chai, frozen burritos. Boss Lady's child was selling burritos for something, sports team or something and I bought like 15 of them so I could freeze them and eat them for lunch. Most of the time I end up throwing away food.

So there is a lot to do before going out to dinner with the parentals and BF. I need to sit them down and discuss a few items:

1. His name is ....
2. What questions do you plan on asking him?

Wish me well...not for the dinner, but the dentist.

PS. I posted photos to my photo blog. They are a little old, but good. Enjoy!

QUESTION OF THE BLOG: Why can't men clean the lint out of the dryer?

Well, well, well...I am alive almost. So I went to the dentist this morning and of course they couldn't repair it. But it was funny because the dentist said something about using a blow torch. Ever notice that dentist always ask you questions when they have their hands in your mouth? What is that about?

So anyway, this was the plan....they were going to take off the retainer, make a mold of my bottom teeth, and then put a new one on in 2 weeks. Seems simple enough. I hate the dentist. I was ringing my hands today and I could feel the sweat developing. I think it is primarily the noise. So he is attempting to remove the retainer. The retainer is a piece of thin metal about 1/2 inch long. Could be smaller or bigger, but I have never been very good with size as I am female and have been lied to all my life. Anyway, all of the sudden the thin piece of metal comes loose. And does it pop nicely out my mouth? No, it drops down towards my throat. You've been to the dentist before, they have you reclined with your feet damn near in the air and your head damn near touching the floor. Who panicked more? I think they did really. Immediately she grabbed the suction, but I was already bolting straight up and bent over at the waist. The thin piece of metal would not be going down my throat and I would not be going to the hospital to have my throat or stomach pumped. Surprisingly they stepped back as I coughed and coughed and coughed until that thin piece of metal fell down on the seat.

Are you okay? How do you answer that without sounding like you just brushed death? Then the grinding came to remove the cement. And then that awful mold of the teeth. I actually didn't gag through the process as I normally do. 180 dollars later, I feel like a new person. Of course that will be only for 2 weeks because in that time another retainer will be put back on. I can't wait---another dentist appointment.

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