Thursday, September 02, 2004

Thoughts and Dinner w/Parentals

Like the passage says above, life is a journey. During that passage the things that you do and the people you meet shape and mold that journey. You meet your saints and you demons. Your Adam Henrys (aka: Assholes) and Franks (*uckers). You meet those long lasting friends and those friends later becoming enemies you don't ever need to see again. And you develop a past. Everybody has those dark spots in their pasts. But those dark spots are what help you live your life fuller and wiser in the later years. And everyone has those bright spots in their lives. And do you ever notice that it is the dark spots that individuals have overcome that others seem to knitpick the most. To me the past doesn't matter because there is no way you or me can go back and change it all. However, we can learn from those incidents and become the great person we are today.

You walk through life and like I said you meet all these people. And those people shape your lives. And you have boyfriends, girlfriends, and those special friends. (I am going to go from my perspective on this one). You have these boyfriends or special friends and you fall hopelessly in love with them. Or is it that you fall hopelessly in lust with them. You think they are the one to spend the rest of your life with. And your friends are telling you "don't be stupid. He is a complete Adam Henry. He treats you like crap" But you can't believe that because you are completely blinded. And then one day you meet this guy and he is way too nice to you. And you tell all your friends that you can't be with this guy because he treats you wonderfully. And then it clicks--all those others were Adam Henrys. And as you get to know this guy more and more, you learn about his past as well. And realize it isn't perfect, but he is who he is today because of his past. And that is what makes you love him more.

So lets move on to the dinner with the parentals and BF. I was more nervous than BF. My dad immediately started walking all weird and trying to embarrass me. Thank goodness boyfriend was already in the restaurant and seated so he couldn't see the walk. My dad always jokes about the financial statements to make sure I get can get off his payroll. I jokingly said something to BF about it. I walked into the restaurant and looked on the table where BF was sitting and there was an envelop that said RESUME. I cringed. After making introductions and small talk, he handed over the RESUME to my dad. I cringed. This is what it looked like:

Position Applied For: Boyfriend
1. I've done this job before and have gained some insight into the female psyche. Not enough, (can any male figure out a woman's mind?) to keep me completely out of trouble, but enough to not always throw up my hands and shout "what the hell did I do wrong now" when she's in a "mood".
2. I'm slightly crazier than she is, but have learned to temper the boldness with the thought that 'hey, I'd like to live to do this again, sometime.' We make a good team on adventures, both prepared for the unexpected and cool-headed enough to deal with emergencies.
3. I'm older (and wiser????) and know how to treat a lady, even when she doesn't consider herself one.
4. I won't be buying a yacht anytime soon, but I no longer save all of my pennies and roll them up to pay my bills.
5. I relish Sara's zest for life, her love of family and friends, misty-eyed poetry, and a generous heart hidden under a "tough, macho, law-enforcement exterior".
6. And, oh, by the way, I'm in love with her....
I realize that if I'm hired for this job, there is no financial remuneration, there is a potential for heartbreak, and as always in any relationship, there will be a lot of hard work. I am willing to take the chance.
Sincerely yours,
And in reading it for the first time and twenty times later, it still makes me all tinglely. But even more so that I have landed a great guy no matter what his past may hold.

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