Monday, September 13, 2004

Thank Goodness for Sick Pay

Seems like months ago when I blogged the I Wonder post. But it was only one week ago tomorrow, Tuesday. Wednesday was spent going between the floor and bed as well. Thursday I decided that I would attempt to go to work. I made it until about 2pm or did I make it the entire day? I doubt it. I am sure I made it until the afternoon patrol shift came on. I called G-Baby and asked if he would cover me on Friday because I wasn't going to come to work. He said no problem. So on Friday, I went between the floor and bed again. Saturday I would give work another shot. Into work at 8am, but again by 815am, I knew I had made a mistake and should be laying in bed. I would once again wait for the afternoon patrol shift to come on. Could 130pm come any slower. The visitors were getting off once again for speeding because I was afraid I would blow snot on them if I pulled them over. Wouldn't that suck--get a ticket and a cold all in one stop. Of course some would deserve it I am sure. Anyway, with time clicking slowly away I was making my rounds slowly but methodically. It was approximately 12pm and I was pulling into the campground to drop off some paperwork. Drop it off and head slowly back down the hill just in time for the afternoon shift to come on.

Sparky called the Entrance Station--Did you hear my last transmission?
Entrance Station answers: No.
Sparky: There is a possible elderly male having a heart attack at DA Trail.

Well, yea HOLY SHIT went through my mind first and foremost and then my snot filled brain kicked into action. I called Dispatch and requested an ambulance immediately. I had flicked on the lights and was coming around the horn in the DG parking lot. I hit the siren to warn the visitors that I was coming through. Are people stupid? I come up behind this guy and he is just driving normally, the sire blaring for him to get the heck out of my way, my hand gesturing where he should go, and he stops dead center. I wanted to ram him. I made it around him finally and called Dispatch again. Please paged out Opie and call BF and have him respond.

Lights and siren rolling and blaring. Are people stupid? Did we not learn in driver's education that lights and sirens means to pull over on the side of the road no matter which way you are traveling on a two lane road? I don't know how much time elapsed by this time. But the whole time driving down there I am thinking--I am going to die myself hiking up there to him. I can't breath as it is. How would I give him mouth to mouth if I had to? Ok, we don't really do that anymore. But I just figured we were going to have two patients once I hiked up there.

I turned the corner onto the road to DA trail. I was coming down the road, lights and sirens blaring. Are people stupid? Some people pull over, others staring off into space and desert scenery. Dispatch was just about to page out Search and Rescue for assistance. I come around the last corner and some visitors are sticking their hands out the window. I pull over immediately thinking they have some information.


I immediately cancel the SAR team. I tell everyone to disregard the situation. Here's the story. The guy is walking along the trail. He falls, cuts his arms, and says may be he passed out, but doesn't think so. They bandage it up at the car and are doing just fine. They will continue hiking and head to the hospital later for possibly some stitches, but he doesn't think he needs it.

Some other visitors happened to be walking by and saw the man laying or sitting on the ground, bleeding, and hurried down to find someone telling that someone (Sparky) that an elderly male was having a heart attack on the trail. Are people stupid?

Geez, get some more information before rushing off to tell something to someone that isn't completely true. Of course, then I got to thinking---what if they weren't the problem and there was another male up there. Luckily there wasn't.

As soon as Opie called on duty, I called off duty and he worked for me on Sunday as well. I attempted once again to finish a whole day of work. Didn't happen of course. As soon as Opie came on duty, I went off duty. My head is going to explode again, my snot is getting worse, and I haven't eaten in 5 days, well haven't eaten a normal meal. Which of course means I am having trouble, well you know that other post.

How's everyone's week going? Hopefully you don't get this bug because it sucks!

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