Sunday, September 05, 2004

Girls---Is this Normal?

I went to dinner with a friend the other night. She thought I should go see a psychologist or psychiatrist for the problem. But I beg to differ. Mostly because I don't believe in the profession all that much. And that is my opinion so please if you visit one of those people on a regular basis, please don't think I am thinking you are weird. It helps people. But not me. Not me because I am this macho, tough female with no emotions. Really I have emotions, but I don't ever really show them. Anyway, I am getting off track. I am about to expose myself completely to the world about an issue, it really isn't a problem, but an issue I am having. Now I know that I am not alone because I talked to a friend whose girlfriend is the same way. So I am taking a poll kind of to see if other females are this way or if other girlfriends were/are this way around there boyfriends.

Now the problem, issue, is actually causing some pain within me, but I just can't come to grips with the whole thing. You are just dying to know huh?

Well, I spend most nights at my boyfriend's house. And by that, I mean sleep over there. Yes, in sin if you are religious, but thank GOD I am not. Anyway, after work I go over there, eat dinner, watch tv, and sleep. But about the time we are climbing into bed, I have to go to the bathroom. Now, I am not talking pee obviously. I am talking #2, a BM, the big daddy of all. And guess what?

I can't do it. I can't go with him in the house. I go into the bathroom. Do the male thing and take something to read with me. And sit. And sit. I can't go. Hell, I don't even fart around him. Sometimes he will go down to get the mail just so I can go. Or he'll turn up the TV and radio. But nothing helps. I stress out once I am in the bathroom.

Is it just a ME thing or do other females have this issue?

Because let me tell you in the morning after he leaves for work if it is my day off or after I leave heading to work, I let all that gas go the entire drive home. 7+ miles worth. And when I get home I normally can easily and relaxingly go #2.

I've gone over all the might smell, what if I clog it, what if I leave marks, what if he hears it. We've talked about it in length. But nothing helps. And no I am not going to start taking X-Lax.

So does anyone have any good information to help me overcome my bathroom whoas?

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