Saturday, September 25, 2004

The Snake

About a week ago or more, I was preparing to pull over a visitor when the sheriff's office (SO) chimed me on the radio. You have a visitor at P Point that is keeping other visitors away from an injured rattlesnake. I HATE SNAKES. I said ok and let them know I was pulling someone over and then would head that way. It was 830pm and I got off at 9pm.

I arrived at the scene of the injured rattlesnake. A loco visitor was standing by waving a flashlight. The snake was about at her door. How she got out of the vehicle I am not sure. I pulled out my asp (baton) and poked it a little. It didn't move too much. It was on its late breath I would say. So I picked it up by the tail. I think it had already shit itself because it was now on my hand. I dropped the snake back down. I picked it up again and poked the end of my asp underneath it.

About this time, Loco's cell phone started ringing. I said your phone is ringing. She said I am not going over. And that is when I thought---how did you get out of the car.

So I take Mr. Snake and throw him in the bushes. And then she wanted to see it. So I had to make it all nice. We looked at it for a while and then we both left. I chimed the SO and said I was finished with rattlesnake duty. A short time down the road, the SO chimed back and said could you give me a call. She was laughing when I called in. She wanted to know if I had to give it a funeral and what I exactly did with it. She said she could tell by my voice I wasn't real happy about dealing with snakes. I said don't call me again. And I told her my hand smelled from the snake. I am not sure if it was the shit I touched or just the dying snake itself.

I have went back to check Mr. Snake several times. Why? I am not quite sure. The first couple of times I went back it was still primarily intact. But the yesterday the maggots and worms had come to take a bite. I attracted quite a few visitors wanting to look over my shoulder as I poked him. It was quite disgusting. His head was all puffed up and his skin was moving. It was then I realized that the maggots/worms were inside his head and eating away.

When I went back later to get a photo of it, the worms weren't around anymore. Then I moved the head a few fell out. And then the ground started moving beneath the snake so I took a stick and dug them up. And that is where this comes from:


And looking at the maggots/worms twice, I realized it was a stupid thing to do. Mainly because then I started feeling bugs crawl all over me. I thought may be one had crawled up my pants while I was poking around in the dirt and then laid eggs and more hatched and were attacking me. I felt them the rest of the day. I have decided I don't need to look at Mr. Snake anymore.

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