Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The Men in my Chest

As some of you might know or have read, I have been sick. Today is going on the 9th day of being sick. And I am pretty much sick of being sick. Tomorrow I will attempt and pretty much no matter what finish a complete day of work. I really don't have too much of a choice as I am the night bitch and so no one will be coming in mid-shift to finish out the day. It is up to me.

Yesterday I was and kind of today I am feeling better. Yesterday I took a drive into the bigger city and visited the great stores of Wal-mart, REI, and Sam's Club and others. But throughout the day I continued to cough. It is a coughing that hurts all the other organs in your body. A cough that might break a rib or burst that lung. A cough where something comes up, but really doesn't. It is a cough that just doesn't feel all that well.

On Sunday, I or we had the idea that I would sweat out my sickness by taking a walk. So we went downtown and we walked up and down the streets. Really BF had other things to do, but he was attempting to get me well. He attempted several times to get back to the vehicle, but I kept pushing him further. I am not sure if he realized that I should get back to the vehicle and return to home to climb back into bed or if he wanted to get himself home to finish his bipolar chores. When the sweat finally started seeping out of my armpits and dampening my shirt, I felt too weak to continue on. I probably should have, but we returned to the vehicle, returned home, and I returned to sleeping for the rest of the day. I am still having back problems from laying bed too much. How bed ridden people do it I am not sure.

This morning I woke up feeling a little better is what I thought. I mean I am not blowing my one sided nostril nose every 10 seconds and don't feel anything draining down into my chest. But I do have that cough still. I have a busy day of appointments. Two of them already out of the way. After BF left this morning, I jumped on the internet to check on my blog community, check my bank account, and check the emails. I threw on the hat and headed down to the tire store to get my registration inspection. That was at 9am and my next appointment, the hair stylist, was at 10am so I had time. I figured why don't I try to sweat the sickness out again. So I walked. I had a mission in mind and didn't accomplish it until I retrieved my vehicle at 1030am. Anywho, I walked almost the length of the town, but the sweat wasn't coming out because it was cold this morning.

I returned to mid-town to get my haircut. The stylist was standing outside gossiping on the phone when I arrived. She said she was freezing and needed to stand in the sun. I was freezing in the sun. She finished cutting my hair and I stood up to leave when I realized I had been sweating sitting in the chair. I walked back to retrieve my vehicle and headed home.

And had a wonderful BM because BF is at work. I took a shower and was freezing standing under the scolding hot water. Now I lay in bed thinking about a nap before that dreadful 2pm appointment. The dentist called to confirm I was coming in and I called back and said UNFORTUNATELY, I will be at my appointment today. I can just imagine how that is going to go because every time I breath I need to cough and every time I move I need to cough. Of course since I will be sweating profusely while there, may be I will get the two damn men who are lighting bonfires inside my lungs out today.

Update on dentist visit: So the happy dental assistant calls my name and ushers me into the cubicle like area to start the torture process. The real torture started with her attempting to make small talk with me. Trying to be my friend. It wasn't helping the torture process anyless because I was already sweating walking into the building. She laid me back like all dentist do to clean the two teeth that retainer was going to be cemented to. Immediately, lets call them John and Bob, planted their fishhook climbing tools into my lungs as they were now being thrust downward or would it be considered upward. It felt like those fishhooks scraped down my entire lungs. Immediately all the ashes from their previous fires were now increasing the size of my breasts. I wanted to scream out in pain and they hadn't even put their disgusting tasting gloved fingers into my mouth. The dentist came in and attempted by all get out (what does that mean exactly) to attach the retainer. Ever have braces? The first thing the orthodonist does after removing your braces is to mold your teeth for retainers so your teeth don't shift. Well, my teeth decided they would shift in those two weeks and so now I had to get another mold. Happy dental assistant is still happy go lucky as she is talking to me about - hell I can't even remember. Why couldn't I have had the same assistant as last time. At least we had something in common, her husband was an officer. She was nice and not trying to be my friend. Anyway, so now I had to have another mold. When she finished, she asked did you gag. And I told her no, you would have noticed. Then she did the unthinkable when I was scheduling my next appointment---SHE TOUCHED MY SHOULDER. And I am not freaking because I am homo, well I guess that would be lesbianphobic person. I just don't like touchy, feeling strangers. I look so forward to my next appointment in two weeks. NOT. By the way, I am coughing even more now and am back in bed.

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