Tuesday, September 07, 2004

What do you Wonder About?

After laying on the floor for the good portion of the day, I've come to wonder why they don't make floors more comfortable? Why don't they put a thicker pad underneath the carpet? Think back to when you were a kid...for some I know that is a long, long time ago, but think back...you are playing cars, legos, linkin logs, games galore, etc. You have a sleep over and everyone sleeps on the floor. Back then you didn't think it was uncomfortable because you didn't have to sleep in your bed, but nonetheless it was uncomfortable. Why have I been on the floor all day? Well, I am battling a cold of some sort. I haven't been on the floor all day because it is uncomfortable. I have moved back and forth from the floor to the couch to the bathroom to the bed to the bathroom to the floor. Thing about getting sick is that you actually hydrate yourself with juice, but that only makes me go to the bathroom more. Being sick, obviously I have a lot of time to think since I have yet to go to sleep like I had planned. So I came up with I Wonder...

So the floor is the first thing I wondered about early in the morning. The second thing I seriously wondered about and this goes with being sick as well is why when you are sick and need to blow your nose only one nostril works? You blow and blow and blow, but only one works. Today, it is right nostril that is working. I know the other one holds something, but nothing comes out. And also, when you blow and blow and blow and something comes out and then 2 seconds later more needs to come out. I wonder where it all comes from.

The third thing that passed through my mind today and I have no idea because I only drove to the grocery store was why do people think that the "left lane" is the fast lane. I mean the left lane is the same speed limit as the right lane. Why is it called the FAST LANE. And then on the other hand even though it is the same speed limit, why do people always drive in the left lane so you have to pass them on the right? People that drive in the left lane should get tickets.

I wonder why every TV station goes on commercial at the same time. It is a conspiracy huh? And on the topic of commercials, who comes up with them anyway? Some are so damn stupid. And do they really promote the product because if you are like me you change channels when a commercial comes on.

And speaking on changing channels, I wonder why it doesn't bother me when I change the channels over and over. However, whenever someone else is in control of the remote and is flipping channels it drives me insane.

I wonder why when I go into a grocery store with just a few items to purchase, I always come out with everything I didn't need and won't use. This is also a common occurrence at REI (conspiracy store). I go in there with nothing to purchase and end up finding something I really, really didn't need, but wanted.

I wonder why we write these blogs and people read them and comment on them. I wonder how it is that we have such compassion for someone we have no idea about but feel their pain. How they are in our thoughts as their son is going through a surgery or why haven't they blogged for a while especially since they were talking of ending their life. I don't wonder how I got hooked on this because I blame that all on Jack.

I wonder if my head is going to explode anytime soon because it sure feels like it. I wonder if I will fall out of bed attempting to reach the OJ on the other table.

I wonder if the Devil surely does exist. Is there a Hell where He rules with a pitch fork. I wonder if the Gods really do exist. Is there a Heaven where He hands out wings.

I ponder whether I will wake up when the sun rises. And then will I go to sleep when the moon drops. Will death come upon me in a quicken fashion? Or will I stare at the sky as the life is sucked free?

I wonder why I am laying here typing this blog instead of sleeping. Mostly I wonder...And you?

So what do you wonder about?

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